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Using kACARS

Copyright: FS-Products
Developed by: Jeffrey Kobus

Back end Installation

As of phpVMS 2.1, it is included by default so you can skip this step.

kACARS_Free.php needs to be placed into the following directory:

Once installed it should function for all clients using kACARS.

Client Installation

Run the .msi file. Follow the instructions to install kACARS_Free. A shortcut will be placed on the desktop. Click the shortcut to run kACARS.


Windows installer 3.1
Windows .NET framework 3.5


Run kACARS. At the top you will see a drop down menu. "Info". Inside of the drop down meu will be "Settings". Click on this. A new window will open displaying the current settings. Change these and then click the SAVE button. All new settings will be changed and updated upon the closing of this window.

Settings Explained

1. URLbase - This is the base URL for the phpVMS system. This would be the same address as your home page.
2. PilotID - This is the pilot id for the pilot using the client application.
3. Password - This is the password for the same pilot as above.
4. Search by Flight # - With this box checked you can enter a flightnumber and retrieve the information for that flight. With it unchecked the "Get Bid Info" will get the next flight in your bids.

Windows Vista & Windows 7
Client users running Windows Vista or Windows 7 will need to run this application using the "Run as Administrator" option.

Apr 14 2010 10:33 AM
for Vista and Windows 7 you should go to the C:\Program Files (x86)\FS Products\kACARS and right click on the Kacars .exe and send to Desktop(create shortcut). Then on the new short cut on your Desktop right click. Go down to Properties and Click the Compatibility Tab. Look down until you see the Privilege Level and Check the Run as Administrator. Then click Ok. This will allow you to just Double left click the Kacars shortcut and it will bring up the Allow window. I hope this Helps :unsure:

Dec 27 2010 05:25 PM
Hi I have a problem when I log in below KACARS tells me that there is a problem with GROUNDED and I have written everything correctly please help me.

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