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  2. [SKIN][Free] iCrew LITE skin 2018 designed for phpVMS

    is there any Downloads page ?
  3. Fix to upgrade Google Recaptcha

    I'm getting the same problems as jbinner, it just makes my registration page break (yay for website backups I guess).
  4. Yesterday
  5. FltbookSystem issue

    I have it like that
  6. FltbookSystem issue

    The SQL error is because you already have a column name called 'airline' in your 'phpvms_aircraft' table. This could be from another custom module, or from you importing the SQL file more than once. Can you go to phpmyadmin => structure of the the 'phpvms_aircraft' table and screenshot it. Also take one of your aircraft table (only the first row will be fine). Also, in your core/local.config.php file, what is this set to? DISABLE_SCHED_ON_BID
  7. XAcars for X-plane [Solved]

    Hi ProAvia, Thanks for the link. Installed and tested OK. David.
  8. FltbookSystem issue

    I have several problems installing FltbookSystem 2 Master. 1.- When I create the tables with fltbook.sql I have an error: Error consulta SQL: MySQL ha dicho: #1060 - Nombre de columna duplicado 'airline' The tables are created equally. I create the airplanes: A350MDN A350-01 A350-02 I think several more but for the example is like this When I book a route, it lets me choose between the A350-01, A350-02 I reserve the A350-01, but the plane is blocked for the other pilots. It is no longer available to anyone, even though the A350-02 is free. Erase the planes, the routes, the company. Create everything from the beginning several times and always the same with the same result. I think everything comes from the error first when creating the table, but I do not know how to solve it. Can you help me? Thank you phpvms 5.5.x
  9. Schedule days not showing

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone could help me. I have entered the schedule using days 0-6 however only day 0 is showing once I load this on the admin panel. could someone tell me what I've done wrong? Zipfile Pic 1 shows you how I have loaded my CSV file, ZipFile Pic 2 shows they aren't showing on the site. Zipfile Pic 3 shows you the same on my admin panel. on the CSV file we have 631 flights, however only 94 are being uploaded to the site. Today being Wednesday I'm only being shown Sunday flights but as a general thing we are only able to see Sunday flights (if i looked on Friday I would only see Sunday flights. I'm sure its something simple I'm doing wrong Pic 1.zip Pic 2.zip Pic 3.zip
  10. Connecting Flights

    We are able to this with our ACARS. Custom from Jeff. If you have kacars custom, give him a shout.
  11. XAcars for X-plane [Solved]

  12. XAcars for X-plane [Solved]

    Thanks for the info I have the demo of X-plan 11 so I will google XPUIPC and try it my self. Our VA has some flights with in the demo area.
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  14. [SKIN][Free] iCrew LITE skin 2018 designed for phpVMS

    Have to add the code to the stats data class I believe. Should be in the documentation
  15. The new version thing is broken, atm. The dev version is here:
  16. XAcars for X-plane [Solved]

    We have had one pilot using XP since late 2014 - using kACARS_Free. Have one of your XP pilots try it out. As long as they have XPUIPC installed correctly, it should communicate with kACARS_Free.
  17. XAcars for X-plane [Solved]

    Hi ProAvia, As far as I know only kACARS II supports X-Plane our VA is still only running kACARS Classic. David.
  18. Best place is to join the Discord server link at the top here. He post the latest versions there all the time! It's in the Developement category on the Discord server!
  19. Demo v7

    Yeah Nabeel said the demo is old, so if you want to install it yourself on a server, get the latest one out, which changes all the time! But if you want to help him test it you have to install and uninstall a lot! I like helping him test v7 even with my limited knowledge as just a user and not a coder! But most people using it will NOT be coder's for the most part!
  20. Connecting Flights

    Nice, very nice! Great job so far ( btw, I am in2tech ) on your discord channel The one who always post images to get my point across or not! Thanks for all your hard work! I am really liking the new v7! Yeah I get it: KIAD KRDU KRDU KHPN KHPN KJFK is better, understand now! Ending the 3 leg route!
  21. Fix to upgrade Google Recaptcha

    where do you add the site key? see attached screenshot for my error. data-sitekey="your_site_key" captchaerror.zip
  22. XAcars for X-plane [Solved]

    You can use kACARS with X-Plane on a PC. X-Plane pilots will also need XPUIPC installed in XP. This works for XP10 and XP11. Pilots on a MAC will need to use XACARS.
  23. Demo v7

    I think that is only in the dev version of it. You can download a full dev version at http://downloads.phpvms.net/phpvms-v7.0.0-dev.tar.gz
  24. XAcars for X-plane [Solved]

    Hi There, Some of our pilots are starting to want to use X-plane, When I went to do some testing I found I could not select an aircraft type. In kACARS for FSX there is a dropdown list for aircraft type to fly. Can some tell me how to select an aircraft in Xacars ver 2.5.6 (http://www.xacars.net/)? Or is there a better program to use? Thank you I await your reply David.
  25. Latest stable version

    Thanks, noted.
  26. Demo v7

    where can I download the demo version. The one that you download from GITHUB does not have the option to import routes in CSV. Those menus do not come out
  27. In the administrator panel I get this message. New version 7.0.0-180423-29d206 is available! Where can I download it? In the forum I can not find the link for this download. In other versions of phpvms 7 there was an option to import routes in * .CSV format Now that disappeared. How can I import routes? Thank you
  28. Latest stable version

    Just one note, the "Version 2" is defaulted to the php70 branch, which makes it compatible with php 5.6+
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