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JumpSeat Module for phpVMS v7


Module enables JumpSeat Travel for pilots, the frontend is a widget which can be placed anywhere you wish. There are no settings for the module itself, no database tables are there either. All settings/adjustments are done via widget.


Module is compatible with dev builds released after 20.MAR.2021


***** Manual Installation Steps 


S1. Upload contents of the module (or pull via GitHub) to your root/modules/JumpSeat folder.

Go to admin section and enable the module, that's all.
On some servers, after enabling/disabling modules an app cache cleaning process may be necessary (check admin/maintenance).


***** Usage


S2. Place the widget as described below, anywhere protected with login/auth would be good. 
    (Dashboard, User Profile or any other password protected area 'cause widget will not be visible without login)




S3. (Optional) Adjust the options you want to use for JumpSeat Travel.


@widget('Modules\JumpSeat\Widgets\JumpSeat', ['price' => 'auto', 'base' => 0.20])


  • ['price' => 'free'] (this is the default option) no ticket costs, travel is free of charge.
  • ['price' => 50] (or any number you wish except 0) ticket will cost 50 $/Eur (currency of your phpvms settings).
  • ['price' => 'auto'] ticket price will be calculated according to the great circle distance between the airports travelled.
  • ['price' => 'auto', 'base' => 0.25] this will force the auto price system to use 0.25 cents per nm.


Please be carefull with the base price definition, anything above 0.50 will make your jumpseats really expensive 'cause it gots multiplied by the distance directly.


Real world companies normally offer reduced/discounted prices to "ID Travel" partners (other company workers), though they are mostly lower than their base economy ticket prices and offer services between economy and business class, 0.13 or 0.15 cents per nm are good start/default values to have.


@widget('Modules\JumpSeat\Widgets\JumpSeat', ['list' => 'hubs', 'price' => 'auto', 'base' => 0.20])


  • ['list' => 'hubs'] will list only your hubs as possible destinations ( with update 24.APR.21 )


S4. (Optional) If you want to edit views you can copy the blade files to your template as described below.


source : phpvms root\modules\JumpSeat\Resources\views\jumpseat.blade.php
target : phpvms root\resources\views\layouts\Your_Theme_Folder\modules\JumpSeat\jumpseat.blade.php




Please disable the module from Module Manager (check admin section) then delete all files related to JumpSeat Module before installing this new version, not removing old files may cause problems during usage. Re-enable after uploading new version.


phpvms root\modules\JumpSeat (yes, delete complete folder)

phpvms root\app\Widgets\JumpSeat.php
phpvms root\resources\views\layouts\default\widgets\jumpseat.blade.php
phpvms root\resources\views\layouts\Your Theme Folder\widgets\jumpseat.blade.php

Thanks to Nabeel, Andreas and translators (ARV187, Maco & GAE074) for their support during the development of this module.

Please check/follow GitHub for possible updates and/or improvements.


B.Fatih KOZ
"Disposable Hero"

Edited by DisposableHero
New version, new procedures

What's New in Version v2.0.1   See changelog


  • Widget Blade Update : Used select2 class for airport/destination selection dropdown.

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