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Disposable Theme v2 Series



This theme uses Bootstrap v4.6, Fontawesome v5+ icons to enhance the look of your phpvms installation.
It is multi-language ready and designed to be compatible with my current and possible future modules.
Template is compatible with latest dev build as of date 30.APR.21 and i will try to keep it updated as the development continues.


** Installation **

Same folder structure is used with phpvms v7, so if you have a default installation for it, then installing the themes will take only seconds.
Just extract the zip file at the root folder of your phpvms v7 installation, and select the templates from admin section.


** Non Standard / Manual Installation **

If you want to manually upload the files or have a modified installtion of phpvms please follow the instructions below;


  • Contents of public\image should be placed in your phpvms public folder.(it may be public_html according to your install)
  • Contents of public\disposable should be placed in your phpvms public folder.(it may be public_html according to your install)


If you do not have an image (and disposable) folder directly under your public access folder then you may need to create them.


  • Contents of public\assets\frontend\css folder should be placed in your phpvms public\assets\frontend\css folder.
  • Contents of public\assets\frontend\js folder should be placed in your phpvms public\assets\frontend\js folder.

This is where the default stylesheet files are already placed, so you should be able to find them without any problems.
But if you miss or skip this step, template will really look terrible and you would spot the problem in seconds.


  • Contents of resources\lang\en folder should be placed under your phpvms resources\lang\en folder.
  • Contents of resources\views\layouts folder should be placed under your phpvms resources\views\layouts folder.


** Theme Settings (via theme.json file) **


"name" : "Disposable_v2", // Theme Name (and also the folder name)
"extends" : "default",    // if something goes wrong and a file is missing, this saves us and default theme is used
"sidebar" : 0,            // SideBar (left) and NavBar (top) switch
"utc_clock" : 1,          // UTC Clock (javascript based)
"flight_cards" : 0,       // Display flights as cards or in a classic table style 
"flight_usedtypes" : 0,   // THIS SETTING IS DEPRECATED ! Core PhpVms provides a better solution.
"flight_bid" : 1,         // Enable Bid button at flight details page
"flight_simbrief" : 1,    // Enable Generate SimBrief OFP button at flight details page
"manual_pireps": 0,       // Hide Manual Pirep sending buttons
"sb_acspecs" : 1,         // Shows Aircraft Technical Specs Selection Dropdown at SimBrief Form
"sb_runways" : 1,         // Shows Runway Selection Drowdowns (for Origin and Destination) at SimBrief Form
"sb_routefinder" : 1,     // Enable RouteFinder modal window at SimBrief form
"sb_extrafuel" : 1,       // Enable Extra Fuel field at SimBrief form
"sb_tankering" : 1,       // Enable Tankering suggestion at SimBrief form
"sb_wxreports" : 0,       // Enable RAW Weather Reports for Origin and Destination (uses Weather Widget)
"sb_rvr" : "200",         // RVR Value of your Virtual Airline (CAT1 = 550 / CAT2 = 350 / CAT3a 200 / CAT3b 50)
"sb_rmk" : "DISPO VA"     // RMK Text to be added to your SimBrief ATC messages like "RMK/TCAS DISPO VA" (TCAS is fixed)
"total_hours" : 1,        // Show total hours at pilot roster (works separate from admin-transfer hours setting)
"roster_ident" : 0,       // Show User Ident (Callsign) at roster
"roster_ivao" : 1,        // Show IVAO ID and link to user's IVAO profile at roster
"sbrief_ivao" : 1,        // Show IVAO Prefile button at SimBrief Briefing page
"roster_vatsim" : 1,      // Show VATSIM ID and link to user's VATSIM profile at roster 
"sbrief_vatsim" : 1,      // Show VATSIM Prefile button at SimBrief Briefing page
"roster_poscon" : 0,      // Show POSCON ID at roster
"sbrief_poscon" : 0,      // Show POSCON Prefile button at SimBrief Briefing page
"sbrief_fltcrw" : 1,      // Display Flight Crew names at SimBrief Briefing page
"change_hub" : 1,         // Allow users to change their hubs (home airports) via user profile edit page 
"change_airline" : 1,     // Allow users to change their airlines via user profile edit page
"login_logo" : 1          // Show logo at login screen


*** Important Note: Last value of the theme.json file DOES NOT NEED a comma at the end, all others must have a comma. ***
*** It is not a typo or an error in the file, it is how it should be ***


** Re-Styling the Theme **

I tried to follow a standard on all blade files, for example all page headings use the same class (card-title) and they are all in h3 tags.
All card headers are in h5 tags, no manual style="..." codes used in the blades except when it is/was really necessary etc.

If you want to change all page title's color you can add below line to the css file instead of editing dozens of blade files one by one.


.card-title { color: pink; } or .card-title { font-size: 150%; color: #FFFFFF; }


Also i tried to make the css file simple for user to edit, just the top part of the css would be enough for basic style changes. Of course you can do
whatever you want in the blade files or in the css but if you are not experienced in things I kindly suggest to always have backups ;)


** IVAO and VATSIM profile links  **

If you want the links to be functional please add two profile fields (check admin->users->profile fields) as below;


name        : IVAO (this field is checked for the correct url)
description : Ivao ID or IVAO ID (this field is displayed in the blade with the value, can be anything you wish)

name        : VATSIM (this field is checked for the correct url)
description : Vatsim ID or VATSIM ID (this field is displayed in the blade with the value, can be anything you wish)


Do not use any spaces in the name field while creating the profile fields, that will generate an error both during display and during user registration.
If you already defined your profile fields, you can change their names from the admin panel or just change the profile\index.blade to reflect your settings.


** vmsAcars Users and Extended Stats (needs Disposable Tools & Widgets module) **

User profile will give you simple stats for pilots but if you are using vmsAcars as your flight tracking software, template will dedect it and enable
more stats at profile page. Some directly visible some are visible with a click.


** Flights Page/View **

All the details of your flights are by default collapsed, just click the show/hide details icon to see full basic details of flights (like route, subfleets, notes)


** Footer Positioning and Content **

If you want to have a larger footer (like 2-3 lines or images/links etc), then you need to edit the css file to give it more space 
'cause to keep it really where it belongs (at the bottom of the page) I had to use some definitions for it.

To do this, head to the css file and go to end directly, you will find the definitions and simple explanations for footer there. 


** Diffences Compared to v1 series **

Multi-language/translation support (only English provided by default)
Configuration via theme.json file
Ready for Disposable Modules


** Tests **

v2 is tested with both fresh installed phpvms v7 (latest dev) and with already instaled copies of it (like my and some friend's live sites). ( And this is the main reason release was delayed this much )

At this respect I can say that it is pretty error free and can work on most configurations. But in the end it is not error free and we will see some poping up somewhere.

So please do not hesitate to ask for help, either via forum or from Discord so we can figure out what is happening.

The main theme was tested with Chrome,Firefox,Safari,Opera and Ms Edge on desktop computers. Also some tests done with mobile phones and tablets.

If you encounter problems in a specific device just let me know, maybe we can fix it.


** Special Thanks **

To Mr.Doug and Mr.Maco for their support and suggestions during the development of my themes.


Safe flights and enjoy.
B.Fatih KOZ
'Disposable Hero'


*** Some Notes About Switching From v1 to v2 ***


  • I tried to make that switch easy as possible, you can have both themes installed at the same time. They will not overwrite each other, when you are ok with the switch you can keep or delete old version if you wish.
  • css/stylesheet files of both themes are similar BUT NOT identical, sorry I had to add some new lines to the css file. So be carefull when you are transferring your styles to v2 css
  • Order of updating does not matter, so you can install v2 theme first and then update your Disposable modules to v2 editions. But I personally preffer updating the modules (and installing two new ones) first.
  • Also if you have personal edits to v1 module or theme blades please DO NOT just copy your old files to v2, even though they look similar, v2 has some more bits inside it and have some more checks.
  • I had to update the app.blade.php and nav.blade files, sorry for that but it was necessary for future updates and overall compatibility.
  • So once you are ok with your app.blade (doing your own changes like adding your logo, favicon etc). Future updates to theme will only change the theme_version.blade.php so your app.blade.php will be safe.

Edited by DisposableHero
v2.0.3 Update

What's New in Version v2.0.6 (09.JUN.2021)   See changelog


  • Added ability for editing generated SimBrief Flight Plans and re-downloading/importing them back.

Changed files with this update ; theme_version.blade.php, flights/simbrief_form.blade.php, flights/simbrief_briefing.blade.php, lang/en/disposable.php, lang/de/disposable.php


*** PhpVms v7 dev+210609.90344f or later required ***

*** Do NOT try to use this update with earlier / non updated PhpVms versions ***

*** UPDATE your PhpVms FIRST, then UPDATE the theme ***

User Feedback

Recommended Comments

This is really important ...


****************************** IMPORTANT ***************************************
Please clean your browser cache for the latest simbrief changes to be effective
SimBrief API Javascript is updated with PhpVMS development build update.
If you skip cleaning your browser cache briefing page will not be displayed after
generating a package


Some browsers or tools offer you to clean old cache and keep new files (like files older than 24h is deleted etc) , do NOT use that option ... Clean everything related to cache.


Also not following PhpVms Dev Update steps (or using old theme files) may cause issues with simbrief ofp generation process. When you click "Generate" button and nothing happens afterwards, this is either an installation problem or a cache issue blocking your phpvms to proceed and load simbrief briefing.


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How is it done to put the tours and routes that you have carried out on the main page. As you have it in the image of Thema Disposable.
Is it with the FsReality Tours module? I have bought it.
Or is it with a different module

Do you do the tours differently?

Edited by jftejeiro
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48 minutes ago, jftejeiro said:

How is it done to put the tours and routes that you have carried out on the main page. As you have it in the image of Thema Disposable.
Is it with the FsReality Tours module? I have bought it.
Or is it with a different module

Do you do the tours differently?

It is a widget and is a part of my module, which controls/provides Tours and Free Flights.


It is a private module developed by me, not publicly shared or sold.

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Why are you posting your problems under comments ? There is a seperate forum topic for getting support and it has a big button above :(


1. i have no idea about why your fstours module is not working, that is not a Disposable Theme issue.


2. As the notes of update clearly says, you need to update your Disposable Tools Module for the latest update to work !


So please read before just updating or at least read them after something bad occurs before posting error messages :(

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And this message is for all ...


I will not answer any support questions, forum posts, private messages, discord, email etc UNLESS the solution or procedure is not documented.


So, please DO READ documents, update notes etc, they are not eyecandy stuff, they are for YOU to read ‘cause I already know them !


And sorry, if you have no time to read then do not expect me to waste my time to answer you.


This is how it works.


As always, best wishes to all and safe flights.



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