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    Hello everyone, I'm happy to announce my new free skin for phpVMS. A skin made in ElixarCode. DEMO: https://elc.fsvas.co.uk/demo/elaskin/index.php (User: ELC0003 - PW: Demo123) IMPORANT: This skin was made for phpVMS 5.5x. This skin is designed using the Bootstrap framework, meaning it is fully responsive and works well on all sized devices, including desktops, tablets and phones. ElaSkin is not a complete website skin, it is only a pilot center application, designed to be installed into a phpVMS installation. Please note that this skin is still being developed, and I hope to update it and add new features over time. You should be able to just overwrite the existing files to update it. It may also have bugs and issues. If you find, feel free to post an issue report here. If you have any feature, plugin skiing or custom VA branding requests, feel free to post a reply below.
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