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  1. How to add these two lines??...
  2. No sir, eg. I've got the flight BV1779 LIRF - LICJ, the same flight in the same day is operated the morning and the afternoon, can i add it two times? One for the morning and one for the afternoon?
  3. Hi, can i add a few times the same flight with different time of flight? I know that in the standard version it's not possible, but is there a modify to do it? Thanks !
  4. Hello, i know that i must contact directly Jeff but now i can't do it, So, i've got this error (sorry it's in italian language) **See the attached image** Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click continue, the application will ignore this error and attemp to continue. If you click Quit the application will close immediatelly. Acces to the file C:\Program Files\FS Products\BlueACARS\send.xml is negated. How can i resolve it? Thank you so much !
  5. Hi, how can i modify the last flight data in the admin cp? Now i can't modify it, i need to change anything in the admin files? Thnx!
  6. This is if you have a module of Fleet Page, If you have got a page the link is: http://www.yoursite.com/index.php/pages/Fleet Regards,
  7. So Dave, no option to delete the tester images? Thnx...
  8. I've the Field of IVAO ID, only visible on Registration, I want to have the code for php and the ID to appear in the link of the image: <img src="http://status.ivao.aero/R/ THE CODE FOR APPEAR THE ID OF IVAO SENT DURING REGISTRATION .png">
  9. I add this <img src="http://status.ivao.aero/R/<?php echo $userinfo->field; ?>.png"> but not work, Is this the full code? Thanks again!
  10. Yes there is, but how to put his vid in the link for the image? There are all requirements but i need only the code for recall the IVAO VID... Thanks..
  11. This image is from link: http://status.ivao.aero/R/337825.png'>http://status.ivao.aero/R/337825.png So if i want to put this in public profile, i think: http://status.ivao.aero/R/ THE VID THAT HE HAD INSERT DURING REGISTRATION.png But how to have this VID from his profile? (I have this in the profile field and all pilot have a VID) Thanks again!
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