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  1. It's based on the Aer skin, I just modified it.
  2. I'm using a modified version of Aer, and somehow I messed up the underlining of links. I know it's in the styles.css file, but I don't know what I messed up. I think to get things looking better, I need that back. Any ideas?
  3. I have just opened Virtual KIND for a "soft opening" of sorts. I think things are pretty well complete, but I want some folks to start flying so I can finish off the rough edges and give my pilots the kind of experience they want. Virtual KIND is a project that is more about an airport than an airline. I am focusing on the operations of Indianapolis International Airport. 13 total airlines, multiple types (soon to include the CargoLux 747-8F), and many destinations. But I want this to be even more different. All pilots, from the longest flying pilot to the newest hangar rat can fly any aircraft in use by any of the airlines serving KIND right from the start. No checkrides, no tests. You are only required to fly once every month. Charters and military flights are available, right from the start. Online flying is encouraged, but never required. I intend for Virtual KIND to be pilot driven, and for having fun to always be the main goal.I want to hear from my pilots, to know what they want and I will try to deliver. After all, I'm a pilot too, and I want the best experience possible. So, if you want an easygoing, fun flying experience, check us out at http://www.virtual-kind.com. See you in the skies!
  4. Acer Aspire Revo R1600 Intel Atom 230 (2 cores @ 1.60 Ghz) 140GB HDD 2 GB ram Nvidia Ion LE Win XP Home FS2004 I know crazy to run on such a system, but it's small, it's quiet, and from a fresh boot can crank out 15-20 fps with moderate graphics settings and tons of AI. I only get the stutters in the usual locations. Next month though, it's getting some upgrades: SSD boot drive (current HDD will go eSATA)and possibly a bump up to 4 GB of ram.
  5. brreclark


    Agreed with simpilot, upfront ownership of an issue such as this is more than admirable. And it's why I stick to images and code snipets shared for all to use here. Once I (finally) get mine up and running, I even plan to attribute everything I have used and who created it.
  6. I didn't see anything posted about the problem I had, so I figured I'd at least throw this out for anyone else who might encounter the problem I did. My install was showing ancient weather maps from around February/March and wouldn't ever update when I would look at a flight brief. A few edits in the schedule_briefing.tpl file and I fixed the problem. Enjoy. weather_map_update.zip
  7. brreclark


    I am so amazed that as a complete newbie, I was able to finally pick this up so fast (with a little help from Jeff). Makes me hopeful for when I start going back to school this fall for web development and database management. Anyways, I'm looking for a little feedback and what I have come up with so far. I know the header image looks funky on the left, I'm still tweaking that part, but so far I like it, at least. So everyone knows, this is a highly edited/tweaked version of Aer.I still have some more eye candy to get set up on the front page, but I think I'm getting somewhere finally...
  8. I see it now, but no time to fix tonight. 6am comes awfully early in the morning, and I have all week of vacation next week to wrap things up. Thanks!
  9. Ok, now I have these funky white borders on both sides of the header that I can't seem to get rid of. I know it's in the layout.tpl file, and I've monkeyed with several things but can't get rid of these stupid things...
  10. Worked a charm! Thanks for the help!
  11. I'm using the Aer skin, and I'm starting to tinker with it to make it want I want. however, I have a problem with the main_background image not wanting to go all the way to the bottom (see attatched screenie). What am I not doing right? I know that it's something in the styles.css file, but I'm not sure what I am missing. Thanks for your help!
  12. That could work, but I'm not sure at this point if I want to group aircraft together (which can be awfully subjective) or do the ratings on an individual basis. I'm definitely learning towards hours having to do something with it. I don't want every new hire with 0 hours, or even 15-25 hours, to automatically be able to request a 747 checkride. No new hire walks into a major airline and gets put out on the 747 line either. I guess as I start to move into that phase of development soon I can ponder over that a little more. I'm just starting to decide on how that part of the operation works. I'm trying to tread the fine line between keeping some realism, but also making things 'newbie' friendly.
  13. Part of what I am working one right now, aside from the massive task of entering schedules, is deciding how to allocate folks into aircraft. I'm definitely not a fan of hours based systems, as (and what follows is my personal opinion, mind you) I think that total time alone can dictate if you are capable of handling an aircraft. It may be a component of my final plan, but it won't be the only part. I thought of using awards, given upon completion of a checkride, as a method of giving folks type ratings. It allows me to know who has what ratings, and would give the pilot a way of showing their skills. Of course this turns into more work, working with several different airlines with highly diverse fleets (Delta and American being my largest offenders). Now I might have to keep a separate list of who has what, or maybe code up something to scrape data out of the DB to display it, but has anyone else tried the same?
  14. Well, I looked throughout the modules folder, and I don't see that module anywhere. Did you somehow change that as well?
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