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  1. I need help setting up phpvms ver 7 the latest release can someone walk e through what I need to do , thanks. regards Chris
  2. I would like to generate a count of all the pireps rejected overall and per user, does any one have a code that can do this. Regards Chris
  3. I cant login to the demo, i would like to see the crew center
  4. I need help with the Inair 360 Script, Where do I actually place it and what files, folders and Images do i need to create for this to work efficiently.

  5. Hey Guys: I am looking for someone who can do livery Repaints. Please contact me so we cant further discuss my project. Chris
  6. Here is a complete Pirep with the criteria in brackets I need. smartCARS version, 2015/8/21 UTC [06:18:31] Preflight started, flying offline [06:18:32] Flying UNITED Airlines-POSKY Boeing 757-200WL (USING WRONG LIVERY or AIRCRAFT) [06:18:32] Engine 1 is on [06:18:32] Engine 2 is on [06:19:15] Flaps set to position 2 [06:19:27] Pushing back with 36063 lb of fuel [06:20:35] Taxiing to runway [06:24:01] Taking off [06:24:24] Climbing, pitch: 6, roll: level, 157 kts (REJECT IF CLIMB PITCH IS MORE THAT 12) [06:24:27] Gear lever raised at 41 ft at 167 kts [06:24:33] Flaps set to
  7. I will get that info to you ASAP..Thanks
  8. Hey Folks: Does anyone have a set of criteria s for this module that work, I have only the default ones, those I've created don't seem to work.
  9. I tried to apply this to my va and only the inair icons are being displayed. I created the separate folders in the inair folder and nothing happens.
  10. Dear users I would have posted in the forums a few months ago about some guys out there who are just plain dishonest. For those who missed the first post I have copied it to the bottom of this post for your viewing pleasure. In the first incident I refused to name the parties involved because I like to give people the benefit of the doubt and a chance to redeem themselves. However, this seems to be a growing trend and I am forced to take drastic measures because the same thing occurs again. In the first incident I would have contracted the group STARTMYVA with Ryan Palmer being the head dev
  11. Dear Forum Members: This post is going to be one of a serious concern which I am having with some of the persons who "SUPPOSE" to be developing websites out there for their clients. Recenty I watched a video on youtube about this guy who was taking money from persons and were suppose to build these gaming computers and months after they never got the computers. My story is a few months ago my virtual website suffered terribly at the hands of a hacker so therefore we basically had to rebuild the virtual airline. I would have posted to that effect in these forums. A virtual airline developer
  12. Hi Guys: I am looking for a teamspeak3 Hosting provider for my virtual airline, Interested parties can send me a reply and I will get back to you. Best Regards Chris Ashby CEO CAV
  13. Dear Team; I'm Looking for a web developer to complete my virtual airline ASAP. I am currently having problem with my current developers and I need my website back up as soon as possible. Contact me at ceo@caribbeanairlinesvirtual.com Regards Chris Ashby CEO Caribbean Airlines Virtual.
  14. Hi Guys: I need some assistance setting up my own Teamspeak Server 3. Please contact me via my email at ceo@caribbeanairlinesvirtual.com asap. Thanks in advance. Regards Chris
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