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  1. Pilot Roster - Align Columns

    I will? So apparently because I have and area with the Active area in a box that part is not working correctly, or it just goes to a certain screen size. I other words won't work on say a cell phone? So basically I am causing the problem now If it was the default code it would work? And the default columns, etc...
  2. Registration page - php text appears [SOLVED]

    Yes I have a default rank image. What do you mean is it valid? It show's up in the pilot list! http://www.fswbreak.com/index.php/pilots
  3. Pilot Roster - Align Columns

    So it will be responsive now? If so nice, and thanks!
  4. Registration page - php text appears [SOLVED]

    Same thing here? Ask the host for the "allow_url_open" thing?
  5. Acars Info in Russian

    Not unless a well known phpVMS hosting company does
  6. New Message Module (NOW AVAILABLE) $4.99

    Demo? I am interested?
  7. Aircraft select

    But can't be done when car's flight filed right? Also, would like to see this as an option in version 4 or 7?
  8. Pilot Roster - Align Columns

    True it Is not responsive but it does work
  9. Pilot Roster - Align Columns

    Something like this will do it. You have to edit your pilot_list.php or tpl file: <tr> <th align= "center" width="100px">Avatar</th> <th align= "center" width="100px">Pilot Hub</th> <th align= "center" width="100px">ID</th> <th align= "center" width="200px">Name</th> <th align= "center" width="100px">Rank</th> <th align= "center" width="100px">Flights</th> <th align= "center" width="100px">Hours</th> <th align= "center" width="100px">Vatsim</th> <th align= "center" width="100px">IVAO</th> <th align= "center" width="100px">Status</th> </tr> This is how I lined mine up! I think I got the code here somewhere! Of course you edit it for your options!
  10. I need help with the Inair 360 Script, Where do I actually place it and what files, folders and Images do i need to create for this to work efficiently.

  11. Importing and Deleting

    Thanks, Since I have done this the schedules used to appear on the page as soon as I selected the menu item. Now I have to click on Find Flights for it to show up and it also appears to opening in a separate page if that makes sense. Wonder why they are no longer showing when I click the menu by default. Used to show schedule results right under this with schedules listed. Now I have to click Find Flights and it shows on another page! This is what it used to look like when you clicked the schedules link in the main menu: Thanks for all your help!
  12. Importing and Deleting

    Thank you, is this also true of the other options, airports. aircraft, etc... I think it is just those three? Odd they are not showing up when I click the schedule link now, but if I click find flights the updated ones are there. Any ideas?
  13. Importing and Deleting

    So in the early stages of testing the virtual airline. For the most part working on the template which does not effect the database or anything like that. In trying to learn the CSV import and export functions, I noticed that there is an option in the Import for Schedules that states : "Delete all previous routes - NOTE: this could potentially mess up any PIREPS from ACARS flights which are currently in progress, whose routes have changed. " , which like I said we are in the testing phase. So If we say have 1,000 schedules as an example and we edit the spreadsheet to have 500 and tick the DELETE, it will delete the 1,000 first right and than upload the new 500 on the spreadsheet? Is this the way it works for schedules, airports, etc...? Thanks!
  14. Acars Info in Russian

    For some reason after a few days it cleared itself up. Maybe bad data was coming from Google. But now it is fine! Go figure, as I didn't change anything
  15. Acars Info in Russian

    I had to put the latitude and longitude in manually but double checked the info and it is right. But the filed PIREP's are showing flight's in Russia What's up! The Main acar's map is fine! Main Map: PIREP's Map's is in Russian!