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  1. White Page on phpVMS 2

    Because I have my layout and core navigational split I had an error with this once pointing to .php instead of .tpl, it's something to check and easy to over look! <?php Template::Show('core_navigation.tpl'); ?> Hope you find the problem, and get it fixed!
  2. Actually, don't thank me it was Nabeel in the original code I just directed you towards the code. Enjoy!
  3. need coding help

    Here is the one I am using that is FREE:
  4. Installer Feedback

    Well that breaks my other phpVMS installation and I don't know what a symlink is. So I guess I am done as the index.php replaces my old one and disables my other 5.x phpvms installation. All I get is a blank screen, unless I am using the wrong path, when accessing the site? Anything is possible! Any other ideas?
  5. Installer Feedback

    Alright, I definitely did not do it that way as I was confused. So I create the phpvms folder in the Root are instead of the public_html like I was doing? Trying this method! So also apparently ( if I get it working ) I won't need the database I created as it will create one with some test data? I guess? So I already have an index, php page and am guessing I need to replace that with the contents of the public folder from phpvms V7? I'll let you know!
  6. [SOLVED] Embed php inside HTML

    Your welcome! Hope it works for you. It should!
  7. Installer Feedback

    Nothing but a blank page! Doing something wrong for sure!
  8. Installer Feedback

    Yes, I am on your Discord also and sent to a PM on your Discord channel. Problem is I have never done the SSH stuff and I also have an active phpVMS virtual airline I do not want to mess up! So, will that moving the public folder thing delete my virtual airline? Just think of me as just barely above a normal user, although I have been using phpVMS since 2010 or so I am usually not bothered trying new things to learn, but have to say the whole Laravel, Composer, and stuff has my head whirling I will get it one day, just maybe not before you release to the general public. But I AM going to try, as I want to help with the project very much! And id testing on a shared host is all I can do, so be it Still learning this kind of stuff, sorry! I am going to try this option right now: Copying the /public folder contents This is similar to above, however, this doesn't require SSH access, but does require some editing of files to point to the proper paths (edits will be made easier following some testing to make sure this works). Place phpvms parallel to your public_html folder (as with the above step). Copy all of the contents of the phpvms/public folder to the folder you want (e.g, the root of public_html). Open the index.php file, and edit the two require commands, to point to the phpvmsdirectory. For example, if your phpvms directory is next to public_html, and you copied the phpvms/public/ contents into the root of public_html, the changes would look like (only changes shown) # Change line 13: $path_to_phpvms_folder = __DIR__.'/../phpvms/'; Next, open the phpvms/bootstrap/app.php, and change the reverse path: $app->bind('path.public', function () { # This line needs to change to the folder the index.php lives in # Will be made as an option, so it doesn't get overwritten return __DIR__.'/../../public_html'; }); If you would rather use absolute paths, that is fine as well.
  9. [SOLVED] Embed php inside HTML

    Here it is and you have to add it in the correct area of your template, and it should go in your frontpage.main.php or tpl , or if you want it on all pages layout.php or .tpl ! Pilots: <?php echo StatsData::PilotCount(); ?> Total Schedules: <?php echo StatsData::TotalSchedules(); ?> Numbers of Pilots in Flight: <?php echo count(ACARSData::GetACARSData());?> Total Miles Flown: <?php echo StatsData::totalmilesflown(); ?> And it does work, if you enter it in the correct area of your template! And there is other info that I did not use. Usually you just replace the static numbers with this code! As stated above, you have to edit your index.html and break it up into the 2 files most of the time, layout.php or .tpl and frontpage.main.php or tpl, depending on what you are trying to do!
  10. I think he is talking about something like this: I might be wrong, but it displays on all pages, when logged in! This is the entire code in the default crystal skin: <?php /* Quick example of how to see if they're logged in or not Only show this login form if they're logged in */ if(Auth::LoggedIn() == false) { ?> <form name="loginform" action="<?php echo url('/login'); ?>" method="post"> Sign-in with your pilot id or email, or <a href="<?php echo url('/registration'); ?>">register</a><br /> <input type="text" name="email" value="" onClick="this.value=''" /> <input type="password" name="password" value="" /> <input type="hidden" name="remember" value="on" /> <input type="hidden" name="redir" value="index.php/profile" /> <input type="hidden" name="action" value="login" /> <input type="submit" name="submit" value="Log In" /> </form> <?php } /* End the Auth::LoggedIn() if */ else /* else - they're logged in, so show some info about the pilot, and a few links */ { /* Auth::$userinfo has the information about the user currently logged in We will use this next line - this gets their full pilot id, formatted properly */ $pilotid = PilotData::GetPilotCode(Auth::$userinfo->code, Auth::$userinfo->pilotid); ?> <img align="left" height="50px" width="50px" style="margin-right: 10px;" src="<?php echo PilotData::getPilotAvatar($pilotid);?>" /> <strong>Pilot ID: </strong> <?php echo $pilotid ; ?> <strong>Rank: </strong><?php echo Auth::$userinfo->rank;?><br /> <strong>Total Flights: </strong><?php echo Auth::$userinfo->totalflights?>, <strong>Total Hours: </strong><?php echo Auth::$userinfo->totalhours;?> <br /> <a href="<?php echo url('/pireps/new');?>">File a New PIREP</a> | <a href="<?php echo url('/schedules/bids');?>">View My Bids</a> | <a href="<?php echo url('/profile/');?>">View Pilot Center</a> <?php } /* End the else */ ?> That will show you exactly what is in the screen shot WHEN they login! There might be some additional code in there, not sure. And you can edit it for ONLY what you want show!
  11. need coding help

    You would have to add all the airports and aircraft, but you can install the Charter module, free or paid and they can choose the airport to airport. Only way I know how!
  12. Installer Feedback

    I want to help test the new phpVMS on a shared host with an easy installer, kind of like the final version will be When it is available and I can make a separate folder for it along with my 5.X version. Just let me know if that is possible in the future?
  13. Asked in the support forums for the module!
  14. Hub Transfer Request v1.0

    I found this link by searching on GitHub, not sure who it is by or if it works. I downloaded it and will run on test server to see! https://github.com/elfrost/phpvms_hubtransfer Apparently Sava was also elffrost
  15. Auto Accept/Reject Pirep

    Recent PIREP: http://www.fswbreak.com/index.php/pireps/view/360