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  1. Screenshot Pagination Problem

    Can you help me with this, I can't get the css code to work, but I know I am missing something in the screenshots_viewer.php file to get it to work. I know it has to reference the .pagination class from the css file but not sure where to put the code on the screenshots_viewer.php page? Thanks!
  2. Create a Database Form

    phpVMS 5.X from Simpilot and yes the Pilots can write what they want as people like different missions and there is no way I can keep up with a list of missions, and also I am talking about FSX, FSX-SE, and FSW also as my members enter FSW flights manually now and the community mission creation on that platform is off the charts! No way to keep up! But the module has to keep up with the database records numbers right? And yes they self certify that they flew the mission! Thanks!
  3. Create a Database Form

    Something like this:
  4. Create a Database Form

    Yes! And list them like the pireps_view_all.php page! Input them and output them per pilot as each one will have different missions they flew! Similar kind of form but would be mission instead of PIREPs, and probably really simple info for now like above I added test data by adding fields to my pilot_list page just to see some data! Except that it would be info on a page per Pilot like the Pireps View All page! I do want the pilot ID and name on the page, the rest will be the mission info fields!
  5. Create a Database Form

    So I want to create a module that is basically a database form to input information on the page and be unique to each pilot. So the basics are similar to adding a field in the admin panel via the registration form as just an example, except I want it to be a separate page or module where each pilots data will be unique to them. It's probably really easy for most of you but I am not sure how to start. It's also like a forum post kind of. I simply want each pilot to enter or select from a drop information about missions and than output this information on a unique page for each pilot. For instance input would be something like: Mission Flown Date Sitka Approach Yes 10/10/2017 Riley Creek Yes 09/17/2017 Return To Riley Creek. No etc..... It's kind of like the Pilot List where it has their name, rank, hours, etc..... The pilots would need to be able to add info when they fly a mission! Admin area for now! I want the pilot to have access to this and add text, or select from a drop down? It appears it should not be too hard, but I am not sure! It would basically be like the Edit Form the pilots have access too! But with the Mission Info instead
  6. Charter Flight System v1.1.0 (UPDATED!)

    So I originally messed up and names the airline the wrong name. I want to delete this via phpMyAdmin even if it deletes the few schedules. Is this possible? Also, it is hiding the CH - Charter Flight on the Schedules page on my test site, but not in the registration form. What have I missed? Also, because these files are custom in my skins they seems to be causing a problem. Any suggestions appreciated, and thanks!
  7. Recent Pilots

    I am having trouble getting this code working. I have a feeling I am suppose to put code in another file maybe? <?php MainController::Run('Pilots', 'RecentFrontPage', 8); ?> Any idea what I am doing wrong?
  8. Pilot Roster - Align Columns

    I will? So apparently because I have and area with the Active area in a box that part is not working correctly, or it just goes to a certain screen size. I other words won't work on say a cell phone? So basically I am causing the problem now If it was the default code it would work? And the default columns, etc...
  9. Registration page - php text appears [SOLVED]

    Yes I have a default rank image. What do you mean is it valid? It show's up in the pilot list! http://www.fswbreak.com/index.php/pilots
  10. Pilot Roster - Align Columns

    So it will be responsive now? If so nice, and thanks!
  11. Registration page - php text appears [SOLVED]

    Same thing here? Ask the host for the "allow_url_open" thing?
  12. Acars Info in Russian

    Not unless a well known phpVMS hosting company does
  13. New Message Module (NOW AVAILABLE) $4.99

    Demo? I am interested?
  14. Aircraft select

    But can't be done when car's flight filed right? Also, would like to see this as an option in version 4 or 7?
  15. Pilot Roster - Align Columns

    True it Is not responsive but it does work