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  1. Hello guys, all phpvms modules and skins on my site http://www.crazycreatives.com will be on sale from today until december 24th. To receive -20% discount on all items please use the following discount code during checkout: XMAS2018CCR This code can be used as often as you wish until december 24th. I also want to take the chance to wish all of you happy holidays and thank you very much for your continued support. Looking forward to 2019 with lots of new phpvms stuff to come. On a side note since some of you contacted me about having the problem that you cannot pur
  2. Like mentioned it is in core/app.config.php In the default file on line 487
  3. For that please open a topic in my own support forum here: http://forum.crazycreatives.com/forum/14-module-issues/ I dont really want to hijack this forum here for support on my payware modules.
  4. I had a look at the module now and you were right its actually in the module where you commented out this: # Show the routes. Remote this to not show them. // $schedules = SchedulesData::getSchedules(); a bit below is this: foreach($schedules as $key => $s) { and the if statement needs to go there like: if($schedules) foreach($schedules as $key => $s) {
  5. Hey guys this is a english speaking forum.
  6. No it is The foreach Loop in schedule_results.php
  7. That doesnt make much sense as the function would still query all schedules that way. Instead just use if in the template file. if($schedules) foreach($schedules as $whatever)
  8. In your php settings try to set open_basedir to none.
  9. No just make the changes to the file and upload it to the "core" folder.
  10. No problem i just thought i'd mention it as it was really hard to read. It looked like some handwritten font on my chrome and Safari browsers. Now it's perfect
  11. Thanks for your contribution but could you please use a normal font in the future. It's really difficult to read.
  12. Sorry there is no such option planned in the free version. There is an option in the not yet released VA Edition of the client that allows pilots to create charter flights but it will create a new flight number. Changing the aircraft for a scheduled flight is not planned in any version of the client.
  13. Contact me via our contact form on the site and let me know which .NET framework version you can install. I might be able to Compile a client version for your .NET framework.
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