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  1. That's awesome! Impressed that it happened in CA
  2. Good luck with your va, Looking good so far!
  3. Will do! Sure wished I was out there last night terrific data was taken from chasers!
  4. lmao love how a VAA member brings up a old post why am i not surprised?
  5. AALV Has had a great month so far with 50 hrs already logged with 22 flights. Off to a great start for the month! Coming to a total of 1053 Hrs!
  6. Well back in the state of ohio... Hope to be out chasing again soon.
  7. Will be chasing almost all week. Going to be a very busy week
  8. Yeah i was chasing out up in the KS/OK border also, Got to see one tornado today, got to go through the footage though and see what i got look at all the data. "Never stop chasing!"
  9. In my mind its stupid to do that. Pilots will go else were. No virtual pilot in my mind wants to wait to become part of something fun and thats a hobby. Just my two cents.
  10. How many emails do you send a day? And what webhost?
  11. Some storms pics from today (including radar shots of tonight in OK,TX)
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