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  1. Where can I find that? I can't find it any where
  2. I want to add on the bottom of my slide show on my website a thing that over laps the slide show and on it you can log in and it has news. In this pic I show what I am talking about the orange is the slide show the grey is what I want to add over lapping it and the green is just what's on that page that you are on.
  3. Does anyone know how I can make the site bigger? When I say site I mean like the invisible box where the things on your site go.
  4. Does anyone know of a code or something else that I can use to allow the pilots to pic one language before signing up? For example they would press on the registration link but it would take them to some where that would let them pic either English or French. Also does anyone know how I can make a separate different language pilot application.
  5. Which one of these would I use for the live flights for my VA?
  6. Anyone know how I can get the Live Flight Status on the homepage which looks like a checker board kind of the old style airport flight status ones ?
  7. Hey guys so I was working on my site when I was trying to make I guess you can say my site's width bigger. I have some of examples of what I am talking about. I would like to be able to add a different color image behind where all the words on my site are. Very confusing I know the example picture point at what I am trying to get to Example One: http://i.imgur.com/N7xPQ.png Example Two: http://i.imgur.com/ub2Xe.png
  8. Looks nice and chill, it's a nice calm teamplte. I would add some color maybe to the background
  9. Anyone know how I can send an e-mail to only one pilot via the admin center instead of all of them?
  10. Hey guys so I installed the Pilot Shop Add-on nothing appears in it and it tells me PilotHome No products have been bought! that's in the pilot home page. Then via the admin center when I try to add some products it saids " An Error Was Encountered The module "SHOPADMIN" doesn't exist!" Anyone know how to fix it?
  11. Anyone know were I can find the live flight airplane pic for that I can change it?
  12. The black line is were the width is now and the red is about what I want to expand it to. http://www.freeimagehosting.net/5knln
  13. Does anyone know how I can make the width of the whole site bigger?
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