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  1. Is there a way to use a code that locks the backgroung image and the web template moves the template that sits on top of the image.
  2. Yeah I did that one just for laughs. I changed to some snow capped mountains. but your right it was a little scarry.
  3. Ok I changed it again. Better???????????????
  4. Oh how so simple I use to live in Alaska. I think I got just the picture in mind.
  5. Ok, thanks. Thanks for the advice.
  6. If you are talking about the cloud picture I would like to ficd a way to stretch that. The menu bar up top meaning the green and blue?
  7. Alaska Virtual undergoes a new look. http://alaskaairva.net This is of my own creation. The template is the Obsess Blue skin but I did all the editing.
  8. I had added some routes for my va that fly in and out of KORD-O'hare International Airport. It shows that KORD is somewhere over in Germany?????? So I went in and manually fixed in the add/edit airports. Now the problem is in the schedules that kord is still in germany even though it is fixed in the admin center. Example is KORD-EDFH is 663....nm istead of 5000....nm
  9. bakers11

    Windows 8?

    Im thinking about using it ill report back iff i do.
  10. Is their a code to use that will make your website work with all web browsers. IE,Google Chrome, and Fire Fox. If u look at my site using IE and Chrome it looks wierd, but if use Fox it looks the right way.
  11. True that. I just posted this to let those who didn't know this. That they know now for their protection. I also know there has been some deep wounds cut in here. So if someone was to get mad they might get their site shut down. Childish yes. But look at all the childish stuff that goes on in here.
  12. I just said that. I Wish all VA's a sucessful future.
  13. On 7 July 2012, Virgin Australia requested that we take our website down. The reason for this was due to a HR error. As such we have had to re-request permission from Virgin Australia to use their copyrighted name and logo. We are confident that permission will be re-granted and hope that we can get this situation resolved as soon as possible. We would like to apologize for this and hope that you will be patient. For further updates please visit our Facebook page; www.facebook.com/virginaustraliava Since we all run a Virtual airlines we are subject to this. So in a way I guess we are all subject to some kind of copy wright infringement. I guess. I'm not an expert. But I was told by a man who is involved with legal stuff that we all should be very careful. So I guess we all better get permission from the real airline itself.
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