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  1. i have the same problem.
  2. Yes I could use it too. It just adds a very nice touch the template.
  3. Hello, Is there a way in PHPVMS to show the route that a pilot has flown so far on the ACARS page like this: http://screenshooter.net/9948368/rwksmof Greets, Martijn
  4. elferen1


    Well then I've to change about 200 routes manually which takes first of all a lot of time and secondly in about two months half of the flights won't be able to fly anymore, due to mismatch.
  5. elferen1


    Hello guys, Is there a way to show a route that is generated from a website like this: http://www.vataware....om=LEMD&to=GCTS directly into a flightplan? So that it will show in this example the following route: "CCS UN975 BIRBA UN873 SOTEX UZ223 BEXAL UN866 KONBA ` Regards, Martijn
  6. Ah when i copy the enitre tpl file it works. thanks!
  7. Sorry for popping up an old topic but i receive this error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/aireu/domains/aireuropa-virtual.com/public_html/core/modules/IVAOFlightPlan/IVAOFlightPlan.php on line 19
  8. Hello, Is there any module that prohibits pilots from flying all routes except the flights that are from the airport where their previous flight ended? Greets, Martijn
  9. I changed it to this: <option value="">-Select Aircraft-</option> $aircrafts = FuelCalculatorData::findaircraft();<?php foreach ($aircrafts as $aircraft) { echo '<option value="'.$aircraft->name.'">'.$aircraft->name.'</option>'; } ?> It didn't change anything ..
  10. Parkho do you now why the module doesn't load the aircrafts anymore when it has been placed in the pilot brief.
  11. I've linked the module now to my pilot brief, but now it doesn't show the aircraft anymore. While it still shows the aircraft when i navigate to 'index.php/FuelCalculator.
  12. How can I instert this module in the briefing at each flight? Instead of the route I've entered at each flight? Martijn
  13. I really like this module! Thanks Pakho!
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