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  1. Just wanted it known that this was indeed an issue I was having (Maintenance/General Settings not visible in Admin Panel) and taking the recommended steps did EXACTLY what was intended...MANY THANKS!!!
  2. That is the change I made - unfortunately it did not appear to work. I will keep troubleshooting it. Again, thanks for the assistance.
  3. Thanks! I'll try it out and report back. FYI: I flew for your VA a while ago - you guys rock! ** UPDATE ** This solved the error - oddly, the layout didn't 'take'. I think I know what to do here though. Thanks for the assist! [sOLVED]
  4. I get the following error when attempting to install a skin that does not have a "header.php". I installed the "beta" 5.4 -friendly phpVMS install. This issue came up in the past but there was no definitive solution. If I could find out where the header is being labeled, I should be able to fix this, correct? If I get this fixed, I should be GOLDEN! ERROR: Notice: The template file "/home/lptechpv/public_html/vOPT//lib/skins/pureHTML5_blue/header.php" doesn't exist in/home/lptechpv/public_html/vOPT/core/classes/TemplateSet.class.php on line 231
  5. Is there a direct link to this "Beta" 5.4 friendly version on your Github account? (Is this the appropriate version - version 2.1.935) ** Update ** I kept browsing and I believe this is the link - https://github.com/D...MS/tree/dev_5.4 Running more tests. I'll say this, these errors force you to learn HOW all this works together instead of just mindlessly making updates/changes. I can appreciate that. I also appreciate the work that went into all of this. ---------------- Went with option #3 and successfully eliminated previous errors. Only errors now have to do with header/footer (posted in new "support ticket") [sOLVED]
  6. My site is so new that I have no issues going with a fresh install. I will peruse your site to find the install. I enjoy the "Easter eggs" I have been finding there anyway.
  7. Sent my host a message concerning the php update and here is the response: "Hi There, The php 5.3.x is no longer supported and we need to upgrade to avoid any vulnerable issue that may arise. I recommend you to upgrade your script to be compatible with php 5.4.x." Well....this is a bummer.
  8. Odd - I was using 000webhost.com and couldn't get phpVMS to install properly. No biggie, prompted me to buy some server space for $5 a month. Having phpVMS makes the expenditure well worth it. I am still working on getting my site "stable". My only frustration is having to wait for admin to approve my posts so I can get more expeditious support. LOL (small price to pay for such a great addon/community)
  9. I am checking my host to see if this is my issue. (I have a "trouble-ticket" post on another topic referring to this issue.) So far I have not been able to locate their version but given the similarity of issues, I would bet I am in this boat. Searching for "work around".
  10. I made the recommended changes above and received similar error issues. Is there another resolution. I hadn't made changes to ANYTHING for a couple days so it doesn't make sense that this just started happening. Any assistance is very much appreciated. My Error: Fatal error: Cannot re-assign auto-global variable _FILES in /home/lptechpv/public_html/core/common/PilotData.class.php on line 436
  11. Due to my "newness" my posts are delayed. Hopefully the post I had is still in the queue to be approved, just in case it never went through I am requesting the following assistance..... For some reason the coding appears to be okay for the }else{ ?> comment that allows for "<strong>Looks Like our Pilots are taking a rest!</strong> There is no current flights online." to be pulled when no pilots are online. For some reason that box does not appear for me. As indicated in the img, it is just blank. This is "okay" but I would prefer that empty space be filled if possible. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Attached: Image displaying site and coding I am referring to.
  12. Great skin and VERY EASY for a 'noob' like myself to navigate. For some reason, the "Looks like our Pilots are taking a rest!..." doesn't appear but I am fine with that. Is there a way to change the 'hover' color of the topLinks? I want the background to be orange to match my theme. Many thanks for putting this together!
  13. Hello fellow Aviation Enthusiasts! I recently started fumbling my way through phpVMS, and up until this issue the "search" function has been GREAT! I just installed the Plugin Manager and everything appears operation EXCEPT instead of the "Plugins Home" and "Upload Plugins" links I get -- plugins/sidebar.php Has anyone else encountered this issue, and if so, how did you fix it? Many thanks in advance for your assistance. Kind Regards, Dan Attached: Screenshot of issue
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