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  1. Jimmy_S

    Adding new flights is not working

    bbuske, same for me, I get the "Whoooops, there was an error." also.
  2. Jimmy_S

    Updated to V2 but Admin shows 2.1.938

    Ok thanks, just wondered about the footer version that was showing. I just updated via the normal update procedure, nothing special. I only have a few things broken, we have tested for a week and just about everything seems to work fine. My site is http://braniffvirtual.org/index.php
  3. Hello, I have updated to V2 but i notice that in the Admin panel it still shows 2.1.938 Capture.zip
  4. 1. I like it. Anything that is a time saver. 2. I would love this to work, but I can't find a live feed anymore. 3. Me too, didn't know about this feature. Yes, I would add a new vaCentral module. My schedules started out as retro Braniff schedules, however over time we have added lots of Flightaware schedules to be more user friendly. I would be interested in FlightAware data feed.
  5. Jimmy_S

    Running a subsidiary airline

    I am wanting to do this also for development work away from my main site as dev.xxxxxx.org. I don't want to change my skin or anything, just work on modules and the gui interface prior to making changes to my main site. This sounds like it will work for me as long as I don't change skins or any database entries?
  6. Jimmy_S

    [NOTICE] - Open Flash Chart Exploit

    I had a php.ini and index.html in every directory. Had to do a complete restore. These guys suck.
  7. Jimmy_S

    Schedules List Table Overflow

    When a schedule with a very long route is entered to the point it overflows the table. How can I scroll the overflow here?
  8. Jimmy_S

    ScreenshotCenter 2.0

    Mike, you didn't say how you fixed this. I see that most folks have the page numbers horizontal but I don't know how to fix this. Can someone tell me how to make the pages numbers horizontal?
  9. Jimmy_S

    Second Development Site

    Great info, thanks for the advice. I am thinking that I should go with easyphp. I am not sure how to go about the sub-domain route.
  10. Jimmy_S

    Second Development Site

    How do you guys handle website development with an active site? Do you have another domain, or sub-domain. Or is running a local server such as easyphp the best way to do that. My site is up and running fine, however I am wanting to develop a wider skin and don't want to risk messing something up at my main site.
  11. Jimmy_S

    hobby's outside flying

    Collecting vintage guitars. This is a 1959 Fender Esquire with the original amp.
  12. Jimmy_S

    Your opinion on colors

    Thanks for the opinion, I kinda thought the same. I'll have to work on it more.
  13. Jimmy_S

    Your opinion on colors

    I was looking for you guys opinion about this color combination.
  14. Jimmy_S

    Newest Pilots Help

    Thanks so much Michael!
  15. Jimmy_S

    Newest Pilots Help

    You are right I am using the the default template and the records are by descending pilotid. Reason that is not working for me is we had a server crash and rebuilt using phpVMS. Some of the pilots that returned wanted their old ID and I gave it to them. Now when we sign up new pilots they are being assigned ID's that are between current pilots. Example I have 005 and several in the three hundreds. So the new pilots are assigned PID in between and only the last few PID's show up, they are current pilots not new ones. Thanks!