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  1. Good evening, the template you created is for sale? What the value?

  2. Thank you. I would like to be a contributor in GitHub, but I am not allowed to commit the files
  3. How can I be a developer of phpVMS 4? I have experience in Laravel
  4. You are free to modify the code as you like, friend!
  5. I know very well program friend! This is just an old code, use whoever you want, there is no security flaws in it, for esste type of code there is a great necessedidade of encasing the 'POST' if you know that a good programmer. I guarantee that this code will not have any problems with people, if you do not want to use my code only respects those who want!
  6. full article on my blog: http://code.voemercosul.com/ CODES: http://pastebin.com/jXJFrLL1 http://pastebin.com/TAguaNYb PS.: This is not the best programming method for phpVMS, soon I will post an update of the traditional form code, this is a more inciante method. DEMO: http://voemercosul.com/v2/index.php/Dataroutes aeroportos_tw.sql.zip
  7. Or I'm sorry, I did not pay attention to the title.
  8. You can see the quality of my service in this topic, there you will know whether it is worthwhile or not pay for my service http://goo.gl/KMNscD
  9. Unfortunately yes, we find more here in Brazil people who make a higher price than the one we are in financial crisis, one of the largest existing, any money is welcome to keep ourselves
  10. I do a quality service to you for $ 20! Do not worry, since I first present the project and then get paid!
  11. Hello friends, for some time I've been working with my team in a skin for phpVMS administration panel, and we are completing our work, we have created a new view for phpVMS, completely modified from the initial paginal to the administration panel is a complete package, the whole site is based on the material design, available in the new models of Android version. We have not decided whether we will sell the skin, or if we will make available to the public, or whether we will negotiate with the creator of phpVMS to leave as the default skin for phpVMS, all this is still decided and let everyone
  12. if(!Auth::LoggedIn()) { $this->set('message', 'You must be logged in to access this feature!'); $this->render('core_error.tpl'); return; } Use the above code to allow only users logged if(Auth::LoggedIn()) { $this->set('message', 'You be logged'); $this->render('core_succes.tpl'); return; } And this code to allow users not logged
  13. It's simple, just use httprequest, or retrieve data via json so you do not create a direct connection by C #
  14. Hello friends, maybe some here already know my modules, I stopped a while to develop modules because I started work on a game development project, I am here again to return to my work, and I would deichar here also some modules that I'veI had done, so that you can enjoy or buy. For those who first buy will be selling at a cheap price because I need a certain amount of money to re-start my shop, and who can colcaborar me I thank you. Below the list of modules, those who wish to buy, please send inbox to negotiate. DATA ROUTES -> http://goo.gl/38K8au (This module displays all available rou
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