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  1. KACARS free - not showing all of the fleet

    The only thing that I can think of is that somehow the users regional settings are causing an issue. Since only one user has this issue there is no way for me to possibly duplicate the issue. Maybe check the list of aircraft. Fins the first instance of an aircraft NOT showing and see if there is anything different about that aircraft in the DB.
  2. KACARS free - not showing all of the fleet

    I would try an uninstall reinstall.
  3. kACARS - free Unhandled Exception

    Yes that might work also
  4. kACARS - free Unhandled Exception

    Put the Any Aircraft back in ( you can create this through the phpVMS admin). Then use phpAdmin to set all schedules aircraft id to the ID of the Any Aircraft. Should take about 10 minutes. Good Luck
  5. kACARS - free Unhandled Exception

    Please remember that kACARS Free did not change. Your schedules did. If you assign an aircraft back to all the schedules it will be back to the way it was. I am going to assume that your had the ANY Aircraft assigned to all schedules. When you deleted it this caused a major issue. kACARS does NOT do any financial information. That is up to phpVMS.
  6. kACARS - free Unhandled Exception

    You need to assign aircraft to the schedules. The lack of an aircraft assigned to the schedules is causing the failure.
  7. kACARS - free Unhandled Exception

    Or PM it to me here
  8. kACARS - free Unhandled Exception

    LOL. You can email me the info and I will take a look tonight.
  9. kACARS - free Unhandled Exception

    I would need a pilot account. I see your other post and it looks like whatever you have done has caused the issue. It looks like you may have corrupted something by deleting the aircraft. Do you have a backup of your site? If you do I would just restore it or at a minimum the database. It will save a lot of headaches in the future trying to track down all of the issues that may pop up.
  10. kACARS - free Unhandled Exception

    Some data that should be in numeric form is being sent to kACARS as a string. It looks like you are getting the error when pressing the get flight info? If this is true than some data that should be a number is a string. I am currently at work but can take a look at the code later and perhaps I can narrow it down.
  11. kACARS - free Unhandled Exception

    Is it only one schedule? or Bid? kACARS is trying to turn a string into a number and failing.
  12. kACARS Free v1.0.4.0

    Read #4
  13. ALT&GS data

    You have <?php echo $altitude = $point['alt'] ?> Try <?php echo floatval($point['alt']) ?>
  14. ALT&GS data

    The code I wrote does not echo anything. So you will need to place your code here so that I can see it and determine what the issue is.
  15. kACARSII update language

    You can use the translated when you order a new version and I will include it with the application. Or you could hack it and change the name to english and manually instal in the language folder. I have not upodated the translator for a bit so some items may be missing. But it should always be forward compatible.