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  1. kACARSII Demo

    v1.0.2 Released Please visit forum.fs-products.net for more details.
  2. Website Warning

    Try using the solution the warning gives To avoid this warning set 'always_populate_raw_post_data' to '-1' in php.ini
  3. kACARSII Demo

    I have released a new version of kACARSII. This version is in conjunction with a pricing schedule change. I have included all logging options into every version of kACARSII (current kACARSII customers should contact me for this free upgrade). These logging settings can now be toggled with a completely new logging settings system in admin of phpVMS. The site files will need to be updated to v1.0.1. Files are located from the site files link on the main site.Also included are some functional options. These can be viewed on the Functional Options link on the main site. Also note that the pricing for upgrade options has been reduced.Thank you.
  4. kACARSII Feedback

    All of the code was updated. Overall improvements were made to the code to stabilize it and also allow greater expansion. It is now much easier for me to create a new option and keep it flowing with everything else. This also allows me to distribute new options easier to a customer with an older version. Moving forward it should create a better foundation for growth of the application.
  5. kACARSII Feedback

    I would greatly appreciate any feedback. You are free to contact me personally though my email. Or please create an account on my forum and leave it there. I am also taking requests. Thanks, Jeff
  6. kACARSII Demo

    The kACARSII demo is now available. If you have any issues please email me directly at jeffrey.kobus@fs-products.net. There are also links for the new site files that are required to run kACARSII on your phpVMS site. It is suggested that you run phpVMS 5.52. Also please use the LINKS to FS-Products Forum for any program issues. I will be checking all issues as they come in. Thank you for all of your support. Jeff NOTE: I have also added a new forum at FS-Products. forum.fs-products.net
  7. Connection error.

    Open VA profiles. Enter the information into this form along with the VA name as the template name. Click save. Open User settings From the drop down locate the template file you just created. Click Save
  8. Connection error.

    You can do this directly though kACARS_Free. There is no need to manually modify the xml files. This way you can create multiple templates if you fly for multiple VAs.
  9. Connection Error

    Upload the module to folder core/modules/kACARS_Free
  10. Connection Error

    Make sure that you do not have a trailing / in the url. What is the URL to your site? Do you have the kACARS_Free module installed on your site?
  11. kACARS Free v1.0.4.0

    Works with all versions of FS, Prepare3d and X-Plane.
  12. kACARS Free v1.0.4.0

    Change the settings inside of the kACARS_Free Module // Site Settings $logTime = 0; // kACARS_Free FlightLog Timesatmp 0=System Time or 1=FS Time $logPause = 0; // kACARS_Free Pause Log 0=Log Pauses or 1=Do NOT Log Pauses $version = ''; // kACARS_Free Version $forceOut = 0; // Force disconnect is wrong version 0=no 1=yes $charter = 1; // Allow Charter flights to be flown (Includes abilty to change aircraft) 0=no 1=yes
  13. kACARS Free v1.0.4.0

    New Version Released Uses .NET 4.0 Connects to Prepar3D v4 using FSUIPC5. http://www.fs-products.net
  14. kAcars FPS drop

    No one else has ever reported this issue. Since FSX relies manly on CPU and not Graphics it may be that you are just over taxiing your system running so many addons.
  15. Kacars problem

    Try looking here http://fs-products.net/index.php/troubleshooting/111-vacentral