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  1. no i am runnning reaql ops so i would only be needing real etihad flight plans
  2. i would to have a copy of Etihad flights please if thats ok or would you be able to tell us your way of doing it
  3. We at Etihad Virtual are opening the site in the next couple of weeks after serious routing and also fleet adding as well to orur ranks we will be adding a real Aircraft purchasing mod as well i have been working on.. look for members serious as well we have added some ficitional things as well as real world ops from Etihad as well we are using smartcars 2.0 as well as a solid server and teamspeak server as well if you wat more info about joinin or having a look please get in touch Michael Poole
  4. i would be interested
  5. hi i am on Teamspeak right now my friend long time no speak lol hows things goign where u at with the site
  6. hello mate are you very good at painting aircraft for PMDG and we could help each other out as i tihnk i know what u need you need them converting to the right format inbox me
  7. just checked there is no links with either of the 2
  8. Thanks my friend love all your modules there really great
  9. has anyone got a admin center skin there willing to let me change and edit doesnt have to be the best but the orginal isnt the best to start modifying
  10. poole3003


    still how do you change the name table played around a little and still not changed
  11. Sava did you share any were the code for the next month buttons my friend
  12. Etihad wouldnt give more than copy of there copyrights so taking the sytle they use on there real world site is copyright tutut were mine isnt going to be so im cool either way and i have copyright so im sweet
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