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  1. Yes. In the database, you can configure how often it will import the data (in seconds) and if at all. But I made it so that it could do it often so that the data would be up to date.
  2. Oh, huh. Funny, I wrote little package a year ago. Oh man this brings back memories. VAFS has a data end but no API that will allow you to make changes. It was in the works but then, well things happened and a different last name but I realized that open-source was the way to role.
  3. Ah, Empora.. He really does have nerve. He just goes around dissing websites, like mine, and his site doesn't even work in IE. Huh.
  4. "Nabeel's Hosting Company" Gotta nice ring to it.
  5. That actually sounds wicked! GApps is a really cool way to have Gmail for your domain but sadly, they have the API locked up to only premium users.
  6. Being the only person on a bus is extremely awkward

  7. Try this out http://docs.phpvms.net/skinning
  8. http://double-designs.com/te.php But I reset SimCOA to force America/New York. This is with loading the site.
  9. For the MD5 hash, yes they use the phpPass class just as SimCOA does. But you can insert it in with a MD5 password and the system will update that password to the correct hash upon login. And yes there are a few tables, but I did manage to do it.
  10. Are you using cPanel by any chance? You can repair a DB from cPanel.
  11. What errors? I use MySQL5.3
  12. Well, the thing is that phpBB has a template class just as phpVMS does, so I guess you can't do it that way. You can just do a SQL query and insert the user into the DB. You can use MD5 as the hash because it is programmed to change it to the phpPass hash upon login. I post what I did for SimCOA if you'd like.... phpBB code doc - http://area51.phpbb.com/docs/code/
  13. Well first off, I would go by the method that phpBB has to create a user. Try this function to create one. http://wiki.phpbb.com/Add_users Now, to load phpBB's functions... Since your saying you file is located in: /home/ And you forums directory is: /home/forum/ phpBB requires that you define a few things before you load it. You need this: <?php define('MY_ROOT', dirname(__FILE__)); // This the the AutoReg.php file location. define('IN_PHPBB', true); // Checked by phpBB $phpEx = substr(strrchr(__FILE__, '.'), 1); // Needed by phpBB $phpbb_root_path = MY_ROOOT . '/fo
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