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  1. Can someone just point out the differences between the various versions of phpVMS? What's the latest stable version?
  2. Are you asking if the code is right? Does it work?
  3. Anyone able to help. This is still not working
  4. Thanks, phpVMS Guru!! Still got problem with the Advanced schedule search
  5. I've searched through ALL files for the words "Bid added" that appear after selecting a flight, but can't find it! I want to change it to "Flight Booked". I've found the text "Add bid" and changed that to "Book Flight" but can't see where the "Bid added" text comes from. Thanks
  6. CFVA


    Thanks, I looked everywhere but in the skin folder!
  7. CFVA


    How do you edit the text in the JOIN module?
  8. No error messages! Just no flights found. www.lakervirtual.com
  9. No. And Yes. The normal search works just fine.
  10. Done all that, but no routes show after the search!
  11. 1 ⭐ phpVMS-ScheduleSearch ▼ — phpVMS module to create a schedule search ...
  12. Can modules with file extension TPL be used with Simpilot v 5.5.2??
  13. That seems to have solved it, by replacing the line of code in import.php. There were other columns that had spaces added everytime on export but all seems ok now. Thanks for the help
  14. When exporting the schedule from the Admin Centre option, it is exporting the daysofweek column with a preceding SPACE i.e. " 0123456" not "0123456". This gives the problem that when imported back SATURDAY is always missing from the schedule, as it imports " 012345" Any ideas please as it is really annoying have to edit the whole column everytime
  15. I have installed this as per the readme file, and when I try to add a new aircraft I get no data, just a message: Fetching aircraft data from https://virtualairlines.eu No data is received, all boxes still blank. Any ideas?
  16. I have deleted & re-installed all the files for this module and now it seems to work!! Not sure of why, but there you go. Thanks for all your help guys.
  17. there is only 'public static' not 'public function' Part of FleetData.class.php: <?php // -- Class Name : FleetData // -- Purpose : Gathers Detailed Information on VA Aircrafts // -- Created On : 10/27/2013 // -- Last Revised On : 10/27/2013 // -- Version : 1.0 class FleetData extends CodonData { public static // -- Function Name : GetAllAircrafts // -- Params : // -- Purpose : function GetAllAircrafts() { $sql = 'SELECT * FROM '.TABLE_PREFIX.'aircraft WHERE
  18. PHP 5.6 tried with PHP 5.5 also, & freehostia.com
  19. I've done that and still got same error messages. Here is fleet.php <?php /** * phpVMS - Virtual Airline Administration Software * Copyright (c) 2008 Nabeel Shahzad * For more information, visit www.phpvms.net * Forums: http://www.phpvms.net/forum * Documentation: http://www.phpvms.net/docs * * phpVMS is licenced under the following license: * Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike (by-nc-sa) * View license.txt in the root, or visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ * * @author Nabeel Shahzad * @copyright
  20. Anyone please?? What does this answer mean?
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