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  1. RockingRahul15

    New template for the airline Air Taxi

    I would love to get the full version of this template, can you please message me? Thanks
  2. RockingRahul15

    New template for the airline Air Taxi

    Too good!
  3. RockingRahul15

    NEW skin "Holiday Air"

    There's no login tab after I installed this on my site. Even the main picture doesn't load up. What's the reason?
  4. RockingRahul15

    Skins VAC-VSR

    Great work! I would love to have this for my airline Can you message me? Thanks, Rahul
  5. RockingRahul15

    No ADMIN Panel

    Done !! I suppose the problem was with the database inside..So, I reinstalled a newer version of phpvms from github and it worked The thread can now be marked as "Solved".
  6. RockingRahul15

    No ADMIN Panel

    I have created my VA but I am having many issues. phpMyAdmin version which I use is .... The problem is that whenever I login with my Pilot ID and password, I never see the Admin panel. It is as if I have logged in as a normal user. I have checked the database but couldn't spot anything strange. Any help would be greatly appreciated... Thanks, Rahul