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  1. I tried to follow this fix, but it doesn't work, or more likely I am making the edits wrong. You talk about "then scroll down to the "VerifyData" section, but there is 2 sections I see for that and when I make the edits it breaks the reg pages. Can you write this how-to more clearly please? Show exactly what and where?
  2. I was able to do this, thanks! now to check it all over and remove the "old" site.
  3. Im really losing grasp of where we stand with this? I am on 2.x and it's not 2.9. Then I see webpage for 3.0, and THEN still talk of 5.5. It's VERY fragmented with almost NO support that I can speak of. If I am at an older 2.x HOW do I update to the newer versions?
  4. no, I had to find another "fix" to make the pilots display, and they do now show in all pilot list in the admin area. However, airport list shows empty. I AM able to search and the airports are all there, but they do not display.
  5. Ok, I HAVE searched and cannot find the answer, sorry. I have imported an SQL table, it worked and I can SEARCH for airports, but when I click on "add & edit airports" in the admin panel, the list does not display. I CAN search one at a time and that works, but I cannot get an entire list to display. All I get is an empty display. Any ideas please?
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