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  1. KenG

    Property System v1

    Thank you, done and got it working. -Ken
  2. KenG

    Property System v1

    OK, so this module is also causing problems with SmartCARs. Since installing I am getting double PIREPs. Anyone get this thing installed and working right on phpvms 5.5 on php 5.6 with SmartCARs?
  3. KenG

    Property System v1

    Purchased this on 14 April 2018. Manual was not part of purchase (took awhile to figure out how to properly install.) Why is the manual not available on php-mods site? Financial system does not work. Pilots are not charged for property on the purchase, funds after the flight are not being transferred. Went to look at the Propertydata.class.php and it looks like it is encrypted. Left a ticket on the website, but looking for user help as well. Thanks. -Ken
  4. KenG

    xAcars problems

    Thanks, I find it interesting that no one has claimed problems with XACARS from a windows machine.
  5. KenG

    xAcars problems

    Following. I have a Xplane user using XACARS on Linux and he is also not showing up on the map and having other issues. I was wondering if this is a client-side or a server-side issue.
  6. I have never been able to fix this. Every day I have to run the maintenance tasks manually.
  7. Thank you, Yes, I can run it from a web browser as long as I am logged in to the site. If I am not logged into the site it fails with an admin error. I changed the permissions to maintenance to 755 and I still get the same admin error. -Ken
  8. Thank you, I looked at the error log and there is nothing regarding maintenance.php. All of my phpvms cron jobs are failing on trying to authenticate as user 0. Is there a simple test cronjob I can run that would not try to authenticate with phpvms? OK, I found a simple cronjob to test (checks if the website is up or down) and it worked fine. It seems phpvms that is throwing the errors, i.e. no user 0 and not my host. Could my .htaccess file be causing problems with cron? I can get back with my host. They are a VA based hosting so they generally understand phpvms, but I don't think they realize that simpilot's 5.5.2 is coded for php 5.6. Thank you, -Ken
  9. phpvms 5.5.2 on php 5.5: I am getting the following errors trying to run maintenance.php as a cronjob. Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /home/flyelite/public_html/admin/maintenance.php on line 26 Unauthorized access - Invalid Permissions. Return to Homepage Line 26 is: Auth::$userinfo->pilotid = 0; When I run maintenance.php while logged on from my admin user account, it runs without problems. When I ask my host provider about it, they say phpvms is not compatible with php 5.5 and to downgrade to php 5.3. However, this makes no difference yet frags my forums. Is there a way I can tell cron to log on as my admin account or another way to make maintenance.php compatible with php 5.5? Thank you, -Ken
  10. KenG

    Alphabetize Addons

    Looks completely random to me. Where can I change the class of a module?
  11. KenG

    Alphabetize Addons

    Is there a way to list the addons in the Admin folder in alphabetical order?
  12. KenG

    Cron Job errors

    Thank you, I can change php version in cpanel, however I need at least version 5.5 for my fourms.
  13. Thank you, I did that and the Cron Job ran last night with the same error.
  14. Parkho, Thank you, so you recommend I add the following code to the end of local.conflig.php? if(defined('ADMIN_PANEL') && ADMIN_PANEL === true) { Template::SetTemplatePath(SITE_ROOT.'/admin/templates'); define('CODON_MODULES_PATH', SITE_ROOT.'/admin/modules'); define('CODON_DEFAULT_MODULE', 'Dashboard'); } else { Template::SetTemplatePath(Config::Get('BASE_TEMPLATE_PATH')); define('CODON_MODULES_PATH', SITE_ROOT.'/core/modules'); define('CODON_DEFAULT_MODULE', 'Frontpage'); }
  15. For some reason, this line is causing my cronjobs to fail. There is no pilotid = 0 so I am not sure where it is supposed to get its permissions from but I am getting the following errors when it autoruns: Unauthorized access - Invalid Permissions Should there be a pilotid of 0 in my database? This happened after the update to phpvms 5.5.2 and change to php version 5.5. I can run any of these jobs manually while I am logged onto the site. I am thinking a possible admin privilege issue??? Thank you for any help, -Ken