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  1. Hello, everyone. I am trying to add a drop down box for phpvms. Under a about page. I have added the proper code and added it on the phpvms admin page. My template is different from other peoples template I have all of my sites under core_navigation.php. I attached the code for the drop down box below. Thank in advanced . I will attach the screenshot in a reply. // Show these if they haven't logged in yet ?> <li><a href="<?php echo url('http://www.americantoursandcharters.com/index.php/pages/aboutus'); ?>" class="link-kumya"><span data-letters="About Us">About Us</span></a></li> <ul> <li><a href="<?php echo url('/downloads'); ?>" class="link-kumya"><span data-letters="">Downloads</span></a></li> </ul> <li><a href="<?php echo url('/login'); ?>" class="link-kumya"><span data-letters="Login">Login</span></a></li> <li><a href="<?php echo url('/registration'); ?>" class="link-kumya"><span data-letters="Join Us">Join Us</span></a></li> Sincerely, Trey
  2. Hello, I am wondering how you can add another email to pilot manager. I have added the template of the email I want to add into the proper templates folder. I have also added the correct code for the pilot manager .php. That way it will get the template from the templates folder. The only thing I cant figure out is how to let it show up in the dropdown box on the admin page. I cannot find where it is. Any help with that will be awesome!! Thank you in advanced, Trey
  3. Where did you go to reload it. I am trying to reset it?
  4. Haha ok just let me know when you have time agian.
  5. Good Sorry for the very late delay very busy
  6. Yes please I need help... I was going to ask u for help as well
  7. Ok so all I have to do is just put the link that the module came with... instead of creating a new page?
  8. Yes another guy responded as well but here is a demo account. Username: ATC0033 Password:atc123 If we get this working I might ask for some more help on the drop down boxes, and other stuff to make mine more appealing because right now my application does not look as nice with the boxes around it etc. Hope this helps
  9. The one circled is the monkeys to the actual application. Is there any way to skip that part. And Haha I totally understand.
  10. No this... (file attached below)
  11. Not saving my event. When i click on save event after entering all of the information it does not save it and does not show up. Please help?? EDIT: FIXED JUST HAD TO RELOAD THE SQL FILES Thanks, Trey
  12. And the phpVMS events index is a .tpl file not php so I don't know if that changes something.
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