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  1. Hello all, Frontier Virtual is a new virtual airline that hopes to provide a spot for all to join our community. Frontier Virtual offers regularly updated real-world routes, events, charters, no CAT restrictions, and more! We aim to be a fun but realistic airline in a relaxed environment. We also let pilots choose how they want to fly. Whether you want to be completely realistic and follow all procedures, or fly completely freely, there is a place for you! Features & Benefits - Flexibility. Pilots are able to fly ANY ROUTE on ANY AIRCRAFT with NO CAT RESTRICTIONS and are not held to the limited fleet and routing that real world Frontier offers. Pilots also have the option to be completely realistic and fly an assigned itinerary based on real world routes and aircraft. - Charters. We understand that Frontier Airlines does not offer a large route and fleet database in real life. So, pilots are able to create a charter flight and fly anywhere they wish to if they can not find a suitable schedule to fly. Charters can be flown anywhere and on any aircraft, even if it is not in our system. - Events. We plan to hold regular events as Frontier Virtual is a VA Associate with VATSIM. These events will include tour legs, group flights with ATC, or VFR free flights. More details about events will come in the future once our community expands further. Many virtual airlines restrict pilots to a load of specific procedures. While some pilots may like that, the majority of pilots feel that it takes away from the joy of flying as a hobby. So, a little error in a pilot's PIERP will not result in a rejection at Frontier Virtual. If you prefer to be held to realistic procedures, you can send a message to our Hubs Manager and he will enforce stricter standards for you. Join Us Website: http://frontiervirtual.net Click here to register! Discord: https://discord.gg/wJa2w4A Staff Recruitment Frontier Virtual also has a few staff position openings. If you are interested in applying, please email ceo@frontiervirtual.net Chief Operating Officer (COO) Human Resources Officer (HRO) Thank you all for your time reading this and hope to see you in the skies with Frontier Virtual!
  2. Problem Fixed! Not sure what did it but I changed another setting in php.ini called post_max_size and I think that solved it...or it just might've been that I tried importing a schedule for the first time in 24 hours and I used a new cpanel user/login.
  3. I did try adding a single schedule in phpVMS. That was the 3rd screenshot. I tried adding a schedule list of 10 and it didn't work. All the airports and airlines have been added in prior to importing. Even if the airport wasn't added in, it would say that I need to manually add it in later so thats not the problem. I do have a semi-large airport database structures however I have worked on about 10 other phpVMS VA sites in the past year or two and have never ran into a problem like this with importing schedules and I've been using the same airports.csv file the whole time. I have messed around with some php.ini settings but to no avail. I will try optimizing my airport SQL tables and report back shortly.
  4. No, the problem is that when we try to import a schedules.csv file that works in another phpVMS setup (I changed all the airline codes/registration numbers to match), or we even try to manually add a schedule in and make all the checkboxes, it says that the schedule has successfully added, however the schedule that was supposedly added doesnt show up in the schedules database in the admin panel...it also doesnt show up at all in phpMyAdmin which is strange. I imported a few thousand schedules and it all says "Imported/Added XXX### (XXXX to XXXX)" for all of the schedules as if they were all successfully added to the system. But, when I go to the actual schedules database to confirm that they were added, no schedules show up in the tables. What happens: http://prntscr.com/jhavho -> http://prntscr.com/jhavr1 ; http://prntscr.com/jhawh4
  5. I have the same problem! Can anyone help?
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