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  1. as in a other topic mentioned i tried a second isntance with PHP Version 7.2 and that changed everything.. Don't know if you can use thgis information for further development. Anyways thank you for your Support and effort with this 😉
  2. Hey thanks for the Reply! here is a picture of "Server A" with loaded icrew skin (in default its basicly the same view) http://prntscr.com/qqxdgy 1. PHPVMS both 5.5.2. 7.2 2. PHP Version : Maybe here is the Reason. Server A using currently 7.4 and Server B is using 3. I was using default skin crystal on both servers yesterday ( Image in this post is from today) 4. They have both exacly the same package. the link thats called is: mydomain.de/index.php/schedules When the default code is loading all schedules, you now by any chance a schedule search module that doesn't do that? Thanks again for your help!
  3. Are you using SSL? i had that issue when my domain was using https://www.yourdomain.com but in the local.config my Domain was entered with HTTP instead.
  4. hey Guy's following situation: On Server A, if i call the schedule search, only the schedule_searchform.php gets loaded (thats what i want) On Server B, the searchform and the resultpage with ALL schedules gets loaded... i checked the files i have the same code in core/commen/SchedulesData.class.php core//modules//schedules/schedules.php core/templates/schedule_searchform.php here a screenshot: http://prntscr.com/qqge2m i have made no search yet, but its loading ver ylong until i can do a schedulesearch anyone have a clue whats happening here? Thnak you in advance!
  5. no it does not http://prntscr.com/qpv90u phpVMS in use with PHP 7.4 and MySQL 5.7
  6. i have an issue with the funktion bid on a schedule. Even in default skin its showing me bid is added, but there is no db-entry..-> "no bid's on a flight where made" i've searched the forum for similiar issues but nothign worked for me... maybe someone have an idea? page: oneengineout.de
  7. Attempt 2 made it! thanks alot! MAybe you have an idea about making a bid.. when i click "add to bid" the button is switching to "bid added" but in the list "my bids" nothing is in.. i searched the forum for this bug but nothing helped me with that...
  8. hey i have no real error.. its just a page as shown: http://prntscr.com/qprv7a
  9. tried that, but for me the page keeps the same 😞
  10. how can i disable just the reject? if an pirep can't be accepted automaticly, i would like to let an admin review the pirep
  11. how do i get your css to run? I installed itz like in the readme, but its not loading with your css
  12. working fine now =) thanks alot again
  13. @Parkho Your welcome, but i have then still an issue.. i had landingrates below -53 in the Pirepdatabase, with the earlyer Toppilotmodule (i think from simpilot) they where shown, but they are not anymore in the Years landigrate statisitic. What can the reason be? Have checked.. The Top 10 are from -1 up to -53, they are all missing The LR of 0 is gone, Thank you very much for that!
  14. i added the link in toppilots as written in the readme of its module. but which link i need to add?
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