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  1. Volotea


    The web is ready, what happens that I started playing to give it a makeover and I do not know what I did wrong, I can not put it in marcah again
  2. Volotea


    How much is the cost for the new image of the web? I need someone who can do it, I do not work with web, thanks
  3. Good afternoon everyone, as and commented on another message volotea virtual does not have a webmaster, we need a person who connects to the day, update can only enter the web and as to center the center of the web, if someone wants to win an extra money, you can write me to my email and we can finalize the details. What do we need? 1- put the operative web 2- give a makeover 3- update map Focus 4-airports 5- I hope that with this error there have been no routes or anything like that. the web works through PLESK WEB HOST EDITION Thank you dfr_34@hotmail.com www.voloteavirtual.com
  4. Volotea


    That's why I ask for help, happy Christmas friend
  5. Volotea


    Good morning, thanks for the response, what I need is to integrate a new template, more dynamic, change the administration things to be able to eliminate things that are no longer up to date and it does not let me eliminate, the google map does not work correctly, ungraded state of Flights on the main website, but again, I am new to this sector of the web, updating myself, and I will be in charge of the fleet of routes and the updating of pilots. Thank you
  6. Volotea


    Good morning and happy Christmas. I need to give a change of image and the Va, the person who had in charge for personal reasons can not continue, it would be very nice to have someone support to guide me a little. Thanks happy New Year PS: You can send me an email to: dfr_34@hotmail.com
  7. Good evening to all, I want to introduce myself, I am David Fern√°ndez current CEO of Volotea Virtual it is a pleasure to be part of this community, thank you all
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