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  1. Live Chat

    Where can I download this module ??
  2. Chatroll Php Chat

    Where can I download this module ??
  3. vStaff - v1.0

    Hello! I'm giving administrative access to a pilot but the release is not appearing for him, but this is correct, he has released other pilots! What can it be!?
  4. Simple InstantWeather Module

    Good afternoon! I wanted to give you an idea, what would you like to include the track in use? another thing I have identified is that it takes the current landing location as the current location, but if it jumps to another location it does not identify that change and continues to mark the last landing location if it changes to the current location of the pilot at events it will register correctly, it's just a suggestion!
  5. Simple InstantWeather Module

  6. Simple InstantWeather Module

    It worked, thanks a lot, you're the guy !!
  7. Simple InstantWeather Module

    thanks man
  8. Simple InstantWeather Module

    the DOV is my page of pilots, where access to everything after the login, what happens is that it does not load when I install the module, there is only a white screen in the browser!
  9. Simple InstantWeather Module

    Hello guy! I installed your module, but the following occurred, my DOV does not work after the installation via PC, but via Cellular it accesses normally! my PHPVMS is 5.5