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  1. Muito obrigado senhor. Desculpe pelo pobre Português
  2. Does any one still have the module for this as the link does not work to download or know where i can this from ? thank you
  3. Been having this same problem. please let me know if you find a fix
  4. Hello, I have been trying to install a free phpvms install, my website is UIVAG.com and i wish to install the phpvms in to a sub directory /Pilotcenter. However After I upload the files 5.5.X to the folder and then go to UIVAG.com/Pilotcenter/install/install.php it allows me to enter the infromation in to the text boxes. however I can not check the database connection. This is not the first time i have install PHPvms, However this is the first time I have installed in on paid hosting (TFDi Designs) my php ver is set to 5.5 and i have tried with 5.6. many thanks in advance for the
  5. I have tried this, However the page does not stay open to book the aircraft. However I right clicked on the book button and then loaded the link up in a new tab and i can book the flight this way as it comes up with mysite/action.php/Fltbook/confirm?id=2&airline=UXX&aicao=B738 and then i can book it and it shows in my smartcars once booked.
  6. My apologies I have been away ill. Regarding the services I offer, Firstly it is all my own work from scratch. I have nothing that comes from Avsim. However feel free to go get your liveries from there. I mainly provide custom liveries for Virtual Airlines, however I can produce Real World upon proof of use from the Real World airline. As I am not going to get involved in a legal battle unless you have asked to use their logos and Images. Payments are all done through Paypal and no payment is made until you have see a demo of the livery, and are 100% happy with what you are purcha
  7. Hello, I am looking to hire the following members of staff, vceo, flight director, hub director and a few other positions. If your interested email information@flyjetairways.co.uk
  8. Hello all, I offer a complete set of aircraft Liveries designs for a fix price. 3 aircraft £3 6 aircraft £6 12 aircraft £10
  9. Hello, I am looking for someone to help me with smartCars set up as well as phpvms
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