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  1. I was able to solve it, as you said, by moving .htaccess file from public forder to the main one;) Thanks everyone!
  2. @web541 I'm looking for a script which will give me ICAO code of an aircraft from *aircraft* table knowing it's *id* from a different table
  3. On my briefing page I have the following code which gives me aircraft's name from schedules: <?php echo "{$schedule->aircraft}"; ?> Which outputs something like this: A320-214 I can also use: <?php echo "{$schedule->aircraftid}"; ?> Which gives me an ID of an aircraft from *aircraft* table. Knowing aircraft's name and id, how can I get aircraft icao code from *aircraft* database? (In aircraft database there are fields *id*, *icao*, *name* etc) Thanks!
  4. Go to /lib/skins/*your skin*/schedule_search.php And add this after <div class="row"> (This is for FireCrew3) <p align="center"><img src="location of your logo" width="200px"></p> I know it's a bit messy but it's the easiest way without editing css
  5. As I can see, that directory is empty with no log files in it
  6. I have uploaded the directory to html_public folder and ran composer install. However, installation folder doesn't exists and therefore I am not able to continue installation. Has anyone had the same issue? Let me know if you know how to fix it!
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