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  1. TheRictus

    Which ACARS are working with v7?

    Hi, We are currently evaluating v7 in preparation to relaunch a refreshed VA. During testing we'd like to input some flights via Acars. Could someone advise which clients are working with V7, both for XPlane and P3D/FSX? Thanks 😊
  2. TheRictus

    Installation folder doesn't exist

    Stable apart from the fact the Captcha is out of date and requires a whole load of work... I'm aware that v7 is currently in dev, we aren't planning to go live until v7 is live. But I was hopeful to trial it successfully to look at features so we can make a decision ready for the VA relaunch.
  3. TheRictus

    404 not found on installation

  4. TheRictus

    Installation folder doesn't exist

    Have removed Apache, recloned into Nginx, getting the default 'phpvms not installed page' correctly formatted. Click the green installer button, same problem, page not found. Also does same if I go to /public/index.php and try to launch. There is no /installer so I'm assuming there's a redirect somewhere, but I can't find it!
  5. TheRictus

    404 error when installing

    I get the same. Ubuntu 18.04, Apache2, PHP 7.2 I've tried removing the content from the phpvms folder and doing another git clone, then tried uploading from the zip. No change...
  6. TheRictus

    Installation folder doesn't exist

    I'm having the same issue - I've tried moving the .htaccess file from public to main as suggested and restart apache, no joy...