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  1. After further investigation , I suspect there is a error in the CodonCache.php file. That will not allow this function to work properly. It is these lines of script that I am refering to: $counts = CodonCache::read($key); and CodonCache::write($key, $counts, 'medium'); . This is way above my skill level to fix and way too expensive to hire someone. I got a quote from a web designer, $500 to $700 USD. This is highway robbery. I will do without this function and keep my aircraft hours on a spread sheet. I have yet to find a Virtual Airline that uses Pilots Aircraft Hours stat, or this function. Cheers!
  2. Hi Luke, To bad your in england. I am in the US. I have no protection if I would hire you. I am looking for a script to show aircraft flown and hours flown by each pilot. phpvms 5.5.2.
  3. NO, When I posted this, I made a typing error. This is the script I am refering to: /** * StatsData::PilotAircraftFlownCounts() * * @param mixed $pilotid * @return */ public static function PilotAircraftFlownCounts($pilotid) { $key = 'ac_flown_counts_' . $pilotid; $counts = CodonCache::read($key); if ($counts === false) { //Select aircraft types $sql = 'SELECT a.name AS aircraft, COUNT(p.aircraft) AS count, SUM(p.flighttime) AS hours FROM ' . TABLE_PREFIX . 'pireps p, ' . TABLE_PREFIX . 'aircraft a WHERE p.aircraft = a.id AND p.pilotid=' . intval($pilotid) . ' GROUP BY a.name'; $counts = DB::get_results($sql); CodonCache::write($key, $counts, 'medium'); } return $counts; }
  4. Sorry, typing error. Payware is an option. Writing my own is not. ProAvia, your the man! Thank-you for help. I see your near KPHX, I am just north of you, near KBVU. Again Thank-you, Thank-you. Thread closed.
  5. I am unable to get an error message. Thank-you for your help.
  6. I understand. I add this statement to a column in a table-> StatsData::<?php echo PilotSircraftflownCounts($pilot->pilotid); ?> The output that I am hoping for is a table with two columns. The Name of the aircraft flown and the hours flown in each aircraft by each pilot. I am adding this to the profile_main.php. I have also tried -> StatsData::<?php echo PilotSircraftflownCounts($userinfo->pilotid); ?> and either of them work. The output is the same. The word "array". I done the default StatsData.class.php file. Same output. I do have a pie chart working. There is one I found with Google chart and it shows the aircraft flown, but no hours. I wish I could find a script that I could add to the profile_main.php that would give me the aircraft flown and hours for each pilot in my VA. No luck and would most likely have to pay someone, Paying someone is not a option, I will do without. I do think the script would go viral with all the VA's that use phpvms. IMO.
  7. I do not know if error reporting if turned on. And no there is nothing in the error_log file. From what you are telling me, this function needs to be rewritten with a new script or maybe it will never work??? I will work on getting you an error message.
  8. DesposableHero I do not know anything about PHP or ARRAY's. I would need to have someone write the script for me. ProAvia no error message, just the word "Array". This a default function from the file name core/common/StatsData.class.php. Refer you to line 456, (public static function PilotAircraftFlownCounts($pilotid) ) PHP version is 5.3.29 Mysql version is 5.7.34-cll-lve
  9. How do I fix this function? StatsData::<?php echo PilotSircraftflownCounts($pilot->pilotid); ?> When I type this in, The output is the word "array" I am running phpvms 5.5.2 and TFDIdesign is the host. I do not know nothing about php, java script, I know basic HTML. Can anyone show me the script I need to add to this function to make it work? Thanks.
  10. Nevermind, I got something to work. Cheers!!
  11. Does anyone have a script to display the aircraft stats on the profile_main page that works? I am running the 5.5.2 version of phpvms.
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