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  1. Music City Airlines, a Virtual Airline, was founded in August 2021. Using Microsoft Flight Simulator allows Virtual Pilots to fly routes all over the world. Virtual Pilots may join and start flying immediately and start their career moving up the ranks. The Pilots are compensation is based on their Rank. Ranks are based on the number of hours flown. Each Rank has a compensation amount per hour flown associated with it. Pilots receive, the number of hours flown times the Rank amount.
  2. Disposable I would like to use the template. I finally got the basic PHPMVS V7 installed. Would it be possible to get a step by step installation guide to install the Disposable theme? Once installed, I think I can make all the changes (mainly colors) changed. Thanks in advance for your help!
  3. vsa36, I would like for you to install my pHpMVS website. I've tried numerous times with no success. The server is Shared and hosted with GoDaddy Let me know if you can do it and when can I get it done.
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