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  1. dimitris

    Making a page with separate template

    Hey, can you tell me how you made it to work? I get the same blank page with: <?php require("path/to/codon.config.php"); ?> Thanks!
  2. dimitris

    Request Template

    Hello, We at php-mods.eu (http://php-mods.eu/index.php/) can make you a template like the one you asked for, the template will be modified for your standards and ideas. For more info please contact us here: http://php-mods.eu/index.php/contact or PM me on phpVMS
  3. dimitris


    inside schedules_briefing.tpl find: <?php # If it's empty, insert some blank lines if($schedule->notes == '') { echo '<br /> <br /> <br />'; } else { echo "{$schedule->notes}"; } ?> and replace it with: <p style="color:#E3170D;"> <?php # If it's empty, insert some blank lines if($schedule->notes == '') { echo '<br /> <br /> <br />'; } else { echo "{$schedule->notes}"; } ?> </p>
  4. dimitris

    Course the tr od a table

    George and Vidofnir, Vidofnir's code is okay but there is a small mistake which cause the problem the $count++; should be inside the table row so this is the correct way to do it: <p class="under_blue"> <?php $id = $awardname->awardid; $awardid = AwardData::get_award_tittle_by_id($id); echo $awardid->name; ?> </p> <table width="70%" border="0"> <tr> <td width="60%">Comment</td> <td width="20%">Date</td> </tr> <?php if(!$awardinfo) { echo '<tr><td><center>There are no any awards issued!</center></td></tr>'; } else { $count = 1; foreach($awardinfo as $info) { ?> <tr> <td><?php echo $count; $count++; ?> <?php echo $info->comment; ?></td> <td><?php echo $info->dateissued; ?></td> </tr> <?php } } ?> </table> PS:George it is corrected at our website by me
  5. Modules on te way

  6. Yes it is You need a textbox and some javascript/jquery code to search the MySQL table. I m not familiar with this type of coding... I m sorry but I can't help with this, anybody else is welcomed to edit the module Thanks!
  7. dimitris

    Staff list v1.0 BETA

    Hey! I need your input here... Any idea why this query is not working ? $sql = "UPDATE " . TABLE_PREFIX . "staff SET `name` = '$pilot', `descr` = '$job', `email` = '$email', `img` = '$image' WHERE id = '$id'"; DB::query($sql);
  8. dimitris

    Staff list v1.0 BETA

    Hello guys! Sorry for the huge delays here... we are testing it right now at Greece Airways you can see it here: http://www.greeceairwaysva.com/fss/index.php/staff If everything is well at weekend it will be out Again sorry but we had some problems (not only with this module) and we were in a mess of code...
  9. dimitris

    Facebook integration

    It can be done threw the facebook API there must be a hell of lines you have to edit but it is possible, event thought I don't suggest you to do it.
  10. dimitris

    Live flights board for IVAO !Released!

    So the problem seem to be with your hosting company... It doesn't allow you to use all php functions. Please use a paid hosting.
  11. dimitris

    Live flights board for IVAO !Released!

    you are on a free hosting company Are you able to use cURL ? If yes download this and replace your liveflights.php file http://www.mediafire.com/?mwd8a1au5pr6iww
  12. dimitris

    Live flights board for IVAO !Released!

    Are any pilots online while you were testing it ? (On IVAO not any Acars program) Also could you give me your site to take a look at it ?
  13. dimitris

    Live flights board for IVAO !Released!

    check this http://forum.phpvms.net/topic/5946-vatsim-data-reader/ it is free from simpilot
  14. dimitris

    Live flights board for IVAO !Released!

    Well I have data access to IVAO but not to vatsim... Simpilot released a module for VATSIM data read check it at SimPilot Modules
  15. dimitris

    Rank List/Award List v1.0

    You never know how our lives turn... anyway Did you uploaded the module folder ?If not give me an email and I will send you the files here