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  1. Thanks web541 I will give it a try and report back on my findings.
  2. Hi everyone, I have been looking into the possibility of running my copy of phpvms via secure connection so that if people browse to http:// they are redirected automatically to https:// as my paid hosting offers free security certificates and secure hosting. I did a test of it on my testbed platform for phpvms, added the secure hosting to the domain, added the certificate, added the code to the htaccess file for phpvms and set url rewrite in the config file to true however it didnt load the page correctly. Some compotents were loaded and others were not. Firefox said the page contained mixe
  3. Good News! I have downloaded the copy that simpilot maintains. It uploaded fine and has run through the installation phase without error or issue, so it looks like my virtual airline has taken a step closer in come to fruition. Thanks again, J
  4. Hi Vangelis, Thanks again for replying and apologises for not searching before hand. I did search for my original problem didnt find many results with a similar issue hence why I posted. I shall bare it in mind for future reference and try to do more searching before posting. Again thanks for your help, I have downloaded the copy that simpilot maintains to see if I am able to get that working. I will post back here to let you know. Cheers J
  5. Hi Vangelis, Thanks for getting back to me about it. I followed your suggestion and it worked as far the site setup page. I entered all of the information it required however I was presented with the following error. Fatal error: Cannot re-assign auto-global variable _FILES in /home/phpvmsadmin/phpvms.goldlinepictures.com/phpvms/core/common/PilotData.class.php on line 436 Any ideas on how to fix this? Cheers J
  6. Hi everyone, I used phpvms a few years ago and so have previous knowledge of the system. I moved away from Flight Simulation for a while due to other commitments and have recently come back to it. I thought I would check out phovms again as I have thought about setting up a virtual airline again. However when I came to install it I encountered the following error and I am not sure on how to continue. I am on paid hosting and have never had a problem with my webhost in the past for such things. I followed the installation guide on here. I downloaded the full version in zip format, unzipped th
  7. Thanks for the replies, I have just checked again a dew hours later and it is now appearing with the new background. I tried refresh several times before I posted and that didn't seem to work and I didn't clear my browser history so I am not sure why it is now appearing. I am happy that it is though. Thanks for answering guys. Sorry to have bothered you.
  8. TheBulk

    Nav bar issue

    I know this sounds like a silly question but are you using the correct format code for the color in the stylesheet, also make sure that all spaces and characters are correct otherwise it will not generate the correct color or may not generate the text at all. I have learnt this the hard way.
  9. Hi there, We have recently changed the background for our signatures and it is working for others but not for me. I have selected the new background in my profile and I have selected the Reset Signatures link in the maintenance section of the admin panel. It is regenerating the signatures however for me it is regenerating the signature with the old background which is no longer on the server my site is hosted at. There is only one background file in the background folder. Does anyone have any ideas what is happening and how I can sort this out. My Vice-ceo would normally sort this but he is
  10. Kevin did you manage to sort the problem out with your site. If you didn't any want some help, just let me know I am happy to help if you need it. PM me if you want or post here. Cheers
  11. TheBulk


    I am glad to hear that you are going to open up again. I think the work that you do for phpvms skinning is absolutely brilliant.
  12. Again a very nice site by Tom. It looks really good. But when I looked at the copyright message I was really surprised and said something I am not allowed to post on the board. I also maxed out the zoom in firefox and it was still less than size 1 font. I am really amazed.
  13. I think it should be server side as then all PIREPs that come in would follow the same format. It would in theory be easier for the management of the VA that way. Perhaps though you could develop both and allow each VA to choose which one they implement.
  14. Is there anyway to change your password on vacentral to something more memorable, or is it a case of you have to use the one that is generated for you.
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