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  1. Hello, I want the pilot status to be shown on the profile tpl. I copied the code from the pilot list tpl but it's not working, the status is always "Active" although the real status is "Retired". Is any way to set this?. Thanks.
  2. Hello, My VA has different airlines (with their own ICAO) by country. I need to know if there is any way to show the airline name in the schedule informarion. Thank you.
  3. I could solve changing the default value for "Rank" in the pilots table structure on MySQL.
  4. Hello, I deleted the New Hire rank but when new pilots sign in my site they're assigned to "New Hire" anyway. I have created the initial rank as Primer Oficial de Fuselaje Angosto (Narrow-body First Officer) but it isn't working. Thank you!
  5. Hello! Is there any way to list aircraft names instead of icao? Thank you.
  6. It worked perfectely! Thank you so much!
  7. Hello, I need to know if there's any piece of code in order to add the pilot ID column in the admin pilot list. Thank you!
  8. Hello, I installed my site in a new hosting server but I can get the schedules in the admin panel. You can see the issue in the attached file. Thanks. phpVMS.zip
  9. Hi @servetas, it's set to 5.6 but it does not work either. Acoording what my hosting provider said, this could be an imcopatibily problem with MariaDB. I tested phpVMS with 000webhost (With php 7.0 and a previews version of mariaDB) and it works perfectely.
  10. Hi everyone, Since last week my virtual airline can not receive flights reports because the PIREPS function stopped working by surprise (manually or through smartCARS). I tried reinstalling the PIREPS module, the classes files and the whole site using the last version of phpVMS available but it does not work either. I contacted my hosting provider and after some tests they told me it could be a problem compatibility with MariaDB. Last Wednesday they updated their servers, including MariaDB, since then I have this issue. Here you have more details: SQL: 10.2.8-Ma
  11. I have ask my hosting provider to help me with this issue. They say that it may be a compatibility problem with MariaDB. Last Wednesday that update it to the last version and the report functional of my site stopped working.
  12. I don't know exactly because my virtual airlines operates regular flights only.
  13. Hi HCStrike, We do not have charter flights, we are not having problem with biding flights. The issue occurs when I want to file a pirep. Thank you.
  14. Hi AJCWebServices, I checked the smartCARS Log and I got this [08:14:51 p.m.] Windows 10, Build 15063, Suite Mask: 0x300, 64bit Architecture [08:14:51 p.m.] Browser emulation mode set to 11001 [08:15:30 p.m.] Logged in to airline 31 as pilot 2 with dbid 2 [08:16:00 p.m.] set_color 4 [08:16:00 p.m.] set_color 7 [08:29:59 p.m.] [ERROR] An exception occured during flight map position reporting. It was : System.Net.WebException: Se ha terminado la conexión: La conexión ha terminado de forma inesperada. en webreq(String uri) en smartCARS.mainform.bkgwkrflightmap_DoWork(Objec
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