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  1. Only in domain.com/index.php other pages like domain.com/index.php/xxx or domain.com/index.php/yyy works perfect
  2. Hey Servetas i hope you're doing well so far, my provider i guess just changed something with php 5.6.30 i have many php versions to select but i didn't change anything with that, the critical error arises suddenly without any intervene. yours,
  3. Dear sirs, I am running a phpvms simpilot 5.5.2 version, months ago, with php v 5.6.30 everything normal, but now my provider hosing i guess made an update in that php version, the index.php always hows error " This page isn’t working xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.com is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500 " But if i proceed to index.php/login it works perfectly also all functions except when visiting domain.com/index.php Any ideas ? Yours,
  4. Hi Nabeel, I got phpvms Version simpilot 5.5.2 This changes can work on that version mentioned above ? Thanks,
  5. Thank you dear George, You're the one who knows every pieces in my virtual Worked perfectly. Yours,
  6. Hi all, Still no idea about this issue ? Yours,
  7. Hi folks, Very quite simple, while putting my data to login, i select Remember me, unfortunately after couples of minutes, i am dropped out, all the time. Any suggestions ? PHPVMS 5.5.2 Yours,
  8. Hi sir, I saw it before, but doesn't matter for me, since the feature isn't workable from my website, i can gather like those info from other resources. Yours,
  9. Yes, ofc it will not, because the source website is down, check that link page with errors http://api.vacentral.net/index.php/airport/get/OERK
  10. Hi sirs I am facing the same problem, even i am running last version 5.x ! New Hire, doesn't exist in my db ! Any suggestions ?
  11. Hi web541, Thank for your suggestions for the number 1 i got already that version, the 2nd while trying to visiting api.vacentral.net/index.php/airport/get/icao i have many errors on the page. No errors shown while adding airports! Yours,
  12. Up, need this asap please. Thanks,
  13. Thank you, it means Higher can also fly Lower planes right ?
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