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  1. I think this is what you wanted, it's very rough solution, but I've got it working <td width="1%" nowrap><a href="<?php echo url('/profile/view/'.$pilot->pilotid);?>"> <?php $groups = PilotData::getPilotGroups($pilot->pilotid); $admin = false; $end = ""; foreach($groups as $group){ if($group->name == "Administrators"){ $admin = true; break; } } if($admin){ echo "<font color='red'>"; $end = "</font>"; } echo PilotData::GetPilotCode($pilot->code, $pilot->pilotid).$end?></a> </td>
  2. You'd want to use the PilotData::getPilotGroups(); function, which returns all the groups they're a member of, and you can change the font colour using an if statement then. Something like: <?php $groups = PilotData::getPilotGroups($pilot->piloted); if(in_array("group name",$groups){ //They are an admin ?> <font color="red"><?php echo PilotData::GetPilotCode($pilot->code, $pilot->pilotid). ' ' .$pilot->firstname . ' ' . $pilot->lastname?></font> <?php } else { echo PilotData::GetPilotCode($pilot->code, $pilot->pilotid). ' ' .$pilot->firstname . ' ' . $pilot->lastname; } ?>
  3. I'm able to offer a wide range of phpVMS development services, from bespoke module production to basic skin design. Project turnaround times are currently quick, as I have no other commitments for the next 3 weeks. For more information, and a free no obligation quote feel free to get in touch with me via Private Message. Regards Jon
  4. I'd imagine you'd want to look at the modules for each ACARS system (core/modules/) and have a look in there at the code. For example, for kACARS, line 44 is the function call I'd look at: $results = Auth::ProcessLogin($xml->verify->pilotID, $xml->verify->password);
  5. It's just too big. I know this is called 'redwood', but you don't have to go overboard, the red on the map burns my eyes.
  6. You're not trying to reinvent the wheel here, are you?
  7. It's not a necessity, I might use it once and then I'd be bored of it.
  8. He wanted to know what you wanted, not what he interprets your ideas as.
  9. You seem to be missing a dot before the extension: <img src="<?php echo fileurl('/images/airline/'.$code.'.png'); ?>" alt="<?php echo $airline->name;?>" /> With regards to the value of $code, print it out and see what happens Jon
  10. How do you 'beta test' schedules? Am I missing something here?
  11. Well, their Facebook seems to have vanished , so I'm sure you can make your own deductions from that. Jon
  12. Seriously? How many people are falling for this idea that using free hosting is going to bugger up your chances of getting a pilot to join yoiur va? I'm sure 99.9% of people don't decide to check the nameserver of a website before they join it. What a ridiculous statement to make. I'm fed up of this happening time and time again, 'stay away from free hosting'. Tom's right, and I've had it working fine too, just get off your high horse of being able to pay for something and consider others for a second.And if we're bringing how much of a 'joke' the va industry is, shall we just consider CEOs that don't fly for their virtual airlines for nearly 2 years? Jon
  13. Everything needs padding. And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING - form elements, content boxes. What is this obsession with people having this partners scrolling bar at the bottom of the homepage? If you're going to have it, make the images all uniformed size and MUCH smaller. They're bigger than the actual va's logo! The navbar extending the whole width of the page and nothing else doing so seems completely random. Site's dull, lacks colour, needs a fair bit of work to be called 'perfect' in my eyes Jon
  14. 100% agreed. My first virtual airline was based on the operations of LEA and their fleet was extensive, but little of them had simulator counterparts which were any good. Jon
  15. Also, your site in your signature does this too. It isn't designed by you as it claims to be in the footer. It's a free template: <meta name="keywords" content="free css templates, liquid template, CSS, HTML" /> <meta name="description" content="Liquid Template (about) - free website template provided by templatemo.com for everyone." /> <link href="templatemo_style.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /> Can you actually give people the credit they deserve? Jon
  16. Jon

    FlyAero Skin!

    Line 5 of layout.tpl: <title>FlyAero Virtual</title> Change that to whatever you want, you could use the generic phpVMS titles which change according to the page: <title><?php echo $page_title; ?></title> Jon
  17. What's the table name you're trying to go into? phpvms_fssexams_available Doesn't seem right to me with an extra s phpvms_fsexams_available Jon
  18. That's definitely a vast improvement, although a few things I'd like to comment on: The F1 tour image seems a bit too big or too plain, maybe add a routemap or something with the logo in the corner, just so it's not just the logo that I see On your statistics bit, I know it sounds stupid but, it looks like you're saying you have -5 pilots and -37 flights. I can see in the box above you use a colon, so I'd suggest using that in this box too, just to keep it all formatted the same. You've got all the nice boxes with various information, and then squashed away is the recent flighst table, which is pretty bland and almost hidden away, maybe put it in one of the boxes, with a bit more padding/styling to freshen it up a bit? The title of 'help us grow' for the donation bit sounds like you're going to use people's money to 'bribe' pilots to come to your virtual airline, I think it could be re-worded, unless that's what it really means, in that case, I'll definitely be joining I think 'connect with us' sounds like a social media thing, rather than to do with joining/logging in I am denied permission to see a page on the navigation bar for people who are not logged in (staff page), if I'm not allowed to see it, why is it there? HUBS in in capitals I'm shown the pilot transfer window and schedules, why do I need to be able to see that? Same with events, why do I need to see that? Same with link to XACARS - I don't need this if I am not a user, it'll just confuse me Contact form/forum should be two seperate navigation links, rather than in one dropdown Overall though, it is much better than the original, Jon
  19. Use this: http://forum.phpvms.net/topic/4437-hubstats-class/page__hl__hubstats Jon
  20. Can I like this more than once please? Jon
  21. yoursite.com/index.php/registration is where it should be and it should be included in the installation. Are you sure you uploaded it all? Jon
  22. Why do you have so many staff positions? It seems like every position has a vice position. You've got a CEO in the board of directors, but then 3 CEOs in the Aliance staff, they clearly aren't the same type of position, so why are they labelled like this? You have more staff positions than members! The site is a skin which has no customisation, you haven't even bothered to put your own va's name instead of Skyline at the top. You're never going to get a 100% realistic simulation, even with using a network. If I'm a potential pilot, I don't want to sign up thinking that my desired airline will be there, if you offer an airline, tell me. This just makes no sense at all. You and I both know you don't have every airport covered, there's no way you'd be able to do that with scheduled operations. It sounds like you're stating that the only departure airport is Mexico, with all of the routes working their way toward Sydney. I could go on, but I won't because there's already a list of stuff you need to do Jon
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