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Migration Problems

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Hi all,


I have been searching these forums and trying different things all day to sort this problem but I think it has beaten me :( so any help would be much appreciated. I moved my site to a new host and I think my main problem is that the SQL is a different version. I am not clued up on databases at all really. My old host was SQL 5.5 and my new one is 5.6

The first problem I cam accross was that once I tried to log in was I got the dreaded You need to be logged in to view this page. This happened on my skin and default skin. 

After clearing my CAche and PHPVMS_sessions it made no difference.

Next I tried a fresh install and upgraded to Simpilots 5.5 to see if that made a difference. Once the install was complete I changed the local_config to look for the older database and not the new one made on the new installation and still we cannot log in. 

Is there anyway I can import all my pilots , pireps etc into the new database as this one seems to work. I tried using an export and then import but got the a foreign key constraint failure

Please help.


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When you go to export, click "Custom" and click "Disable foreign key checks" and see if that works. (Sometimes it will, but this may not show depending on your SQL version)

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