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Aircraft Liveries

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On 12/27/2017 at 11:15 AM, JETIAG said:

Hello all, I offer a complete set of aircraft Liveries designs for a fix price. 

3 aircraft £3

6 aircraft £6

12 aircraft £10 


Could you describe a little bit better what you do? and what you're intentions are and maybe showcase something?

beacuse telling me that you offer liveries could just be something free from avsim that you are selling...

to me this appears to be scam i need a bit more info around payment too!

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My apologies I have been away ill. Regarding the services I offer, Firstly it is all my own work from scratch. I have nothing that comes from Avsim. However feel free to go get your liveries from there. I mainly provide custom liveries for Virtual Airlines, however I can produce Real World upon proof of use from the Real World airline. As I am not going to get involved in a legal battle unless you have asked to use their logos and Images. 


Payments are all done through Paypal and no payment is made until you have see a demo of the livery, and are 100% happy with what you are purchasing.


Please See images below





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