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Schedule Notes in ACARS?

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Hey all, so I'm working on lots of schedules for my VA, and there are a few airlines, Polar Air Cargo for example, that fly both their own routes and routes for DHL. I'd ideally want to inform the pilots through smartCARS that that flight is operated by Polar for DHL by adding in "opb Polar Air Cargo for DHL", but if I drop that into the notes column, it only shows up on the website, which most of our pilots don't use. I could add it into the Route column, but that's only gonna get deleted if someone drops a route in. Is there a way to push the Notes column into the comments field, or at least have it notify the pilot in smartCARS?

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Have you try to get in touch with the developers of smartCARS? Considering that the community does not have access to the core part of the smartCARS, we are not able to assist you to this.

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