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New Renewable Airline

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Welcome to vEnergy Air,


We are proud to announce the release of vEnergy Air the first British airline that will use renewable fuel and also bio fuel for the main bulk of its flights, we are here as a new airline mainstream and also low cost as well to all the favourite holiday destinations around the world. We have had all our command systems for pilots to use all finally completed and we have had a over haul of a system created by the owner of FSvas, they have built a customer CMS for all our pilots to use t o have there flights to be carried out with a short period of notice.


We are proud to state we have our own customer fleet of 737 , 747 , 777 with the future to proGreenshot.013479.pnggress to having Airbus aircraft as well . We have got to be able to save money as an airline to grow as a company in the long run we have started our operations from EGPH,EGNX for all our passenger operations and EGSS for all our Cargo ops as well operated from the south of England.


We would also like to say a massive thank you to FSvas for getting us all set up with there complete package from Hosting to CMS system ready with no issues.


for the link please visit fsvas.co.uk/venergyair



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