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Virtual Airline Developer Avaliable!

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Virtual Airline CEO? Visionary with a passion for flight simulation looking to start their own virtual airline? Need an equally awesome developer to go alongside your VA? Hi, my name is LukeW and I am a Developer & Designer from London, United Kingdom. With five years experience in development, I make phpVMS Skins, VA Websites, Addons, ACARS systems, Mobile Apps and any logos, banners or liveries your VA needs to rotate and get climbing! 

When starting a Virtual Airline, you want the very best, and with LukeW Design, you can expect quality from start to finish with a professional, sleek VA at the end outdoing any competitors on the market. You're an awesome CEO/Visionary, and I am an awesome Developer eager to take your project to new heights!


If you are interested in any of the above services, please DM me for further information. N.b: Providing an Email Address and/or Skype & Discord username, will allow me to reach you directly.

Each VA has different requirements, visions and depth to their plan therefore for VA Design & Development, I ask you contact me with further information before I can provide an accurate quote. 


My Portfolio:

Full Portfolio & References available on request. A small selection...




Got an ambitious project or need help with something not listed? 

Just drop me a DM! I am happy to help where I can!

Alternatively, email me at: info@lukew.xyz


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Gently bumping this as I am now returning to the phpVMS community.

Need a website or developer? Get in touch :D 

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On ‎5‎/‎11‎/‎2019 at 1:51 AM, 68Camaro said:

I need a quote. 

I have received your private messages and replied :) Look forward to talking your needs through further. 

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