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trying to catchup

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Having only got into php etc. in the last few years having taken over from someone else to host our site I am trying to catch up. Having seen the written instructions on how to install v7 on Lemp  I'm a little confused. Lemp is installed but could someone explain how to put the new version on it using composer in simple terms please. I have looked around trying to understand tutorials  but I am having a hard time understanding them and I have spoken to a couple of friends running the old phpvms versions and they haven't a clue either. Sorry to be so thick i'd appreciate a dummies guide please.

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The new version isn't ready yet. In the downloads section above, the latest dev and alpha are there, they're complete packages so you don't need to install dependencies via composer.

You can install via composer but it might not work 100% out of the box. It's something I plan to address before release:


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Many thanks Nabeel for the reply I understand now why I was having issues and wait in anticipation for the new release.




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