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Book flight in Map

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Hello friends, how are you? I have a question, again.


I am trying to make a system equal to that of vAMSYS, in which you can book a flight in a map. The map is ready, but only one thing is missing that I do not know how to do. Here is an image of the map now: http://prntscr.com/k2mi0c

What I want is: When I click on the marker that has a house icon it traces the route of the marker with the icon user to the icon house. Really like vAMSYS: https://prnt.sc/k2mj9b <- THAT'S WHAT I WANT


So that's my question, does anyone know how to do this? When you click on the marker it traces the route. (If you need the code now to HELP me call me and I'll step you in the pm)




Carlos Eduardo.

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