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Custom API Module

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Good day guys,

I'm looking for a module to be written for https://aviation-edge.com/

Information needs to be pulled from their databases through API in xml format to my server. From there, the information in xml either needs to be added, updated or deleted based on certain critea. For example the timetables.

The timetables have schedules for ALL current flights across the world. What needs to happen is this:

Send pull request for database - I would like a section on the admin where I would be able to choose how often the pull request is send.

Once data is retrieved, all data need to be checked against current flight schedules

If flight schedule exists, update flight schedule

If flight schedule no longer exists in pulled database, delete schedule

If flight schedule does not exist, add flight schedule to database

They obviously have different databases for different things but basically the same thing as above needs to happen for airlines, airports and aircraft. With the aircraft they give a ton of extra information. I would like to pull as much of this information that's relevant for example amount of passengers it can carry, weights etc.

Anyone interested in creating a module for, please PM me with your fees etc and we'll go from there.

Thanks a million!

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