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Japan Airlines Virtual 2020 coming soon

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Japan Airlines Virtual 2020: Press Release.

Monday, February 24th, 2020


Japan Airlines Virtual (JAL Virtual), would like to make the formal announcement that we will be releasing our new website tentatively called JALV2020 on Wednesday, March 4th, 2020.

After 6 months of development, and testing, we are proud to bring you a complete reboot of JAL Virtual from the ground up using the latest modern standards of internet today. We are bringing to the forefront the most modern system of any VA anywhere. Right here, right now.

2020 is a big year not only for us but for Japan as a whole, this year the Tokyo Olympics is happening and as the flag carrier of Japan, JAL Virtual has a special duty to be at the forefront and represent Japan to the world.


Some highlights we are offering in JALV2020

-Modern UX/UI pilot center interface that works in mobile devices and tablets.

-Hundreds of thousands of routes to choose from, JAL, Oneworld and codeshares

-Fully integrated dispatching system, pilot briefing, weights, weather

-ACARS tracking systems, we both use a desktop client and tracking system, tracking online flights (VATSIM only)

-Active community of virtual pilots, monthly events, group flights and much more!



About JAL Virtual

For over 10 years since 2007. Japan Airlines Virtual has been the leading virtual airline in the Japanese and Asia-Pacific region. Japan Airlines Virtual offers the highest standards of quality and excellent service in the virtual skies. Our fleet of modern aircraft from small Dash 8-Q400s to the most modern A350-900, we offer a great variety of equipment for the virtual pilot. We have many partnerships with many different organizations, we support and encourage online flying, monthly events and much more! We welcome you to a truely  international environment, where everyone is welcome to fly into tomorrow virtually!



JAL Virtual team


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