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Airport List WIP


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Couple of us over at BluSquare worked on this... we figured some people could use it since I have seen questions about it. Not all the airports and mostly US. Something for people to start with. 

Modify the sections as needed for fuel price and such.


Updated 6/14



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Looks good. I would recommend you only add airports that you're using... otherwise it can really slow things down (for example, the PIREP page would load all of the airports for the dropdowns, you don't want thousands).

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If you enter the airport ICAO and click the airport lookup in v7, it will populate all the airport info for you. I would only recommend adding the airports you actually intend to fly to. This helps to not slow down loading times.


And if developing a charter module, it would be better to have a separate database table for the charter module - which could include all available airports worldwide. This would keep load times quick, except when using the charter module. 

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