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Kacars not posting


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I have been away from fs for a while and have decided to fire up my old VA again. I am using PHPVMS and everything with the install went ok without a hitch. I am now experiencing issues with Kacars v1.0.1.1 (this being the only version I have available). There are no issues on connection to my site it pulls the aircraft from the database for charter flights no problem, when I try to submit a pirep I get try again. I am presuming this is more than likely an issue with the site coding which I have not changed in anyway. I am running Apache2 mysql5.7 php7.3 phpmyadmin 4.5. There is nothing listed in my sites log files. Ive attached a couple of screen shots from kacars. I would appreciate any help (if my knowledge of laravel etc was better id upgrade to 7).






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Some have had success with kACARS_Free

This version will work with FSX, P3D and XP.

I have no idea where to download that version. Maybe another member here can advise.


What exact version of MySQL are you using? 5.7.xx?

There were a few changes with versions higher than 5.7.4 that may cause issues.

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I actually did as advised and disabled MYSQL strict mode using the following code for Ubuntu/LAMP:




Hopefully this might help someone.




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